10 reasons to create an app!


We have discussed many times the "benefits" that the creation of an app can bring to your brand , not only as a commercial brand, but also as a blog, a VIP, a radio, a club, etc.
Nowadays, native apps provide a better user experience and improve the way content is made available. The experience that a mobile application offers to users is much more rewarding than the one offered by a mobile web app.

Top 10 reasons: Why you should have an app?

1. Bring your brand directly in the pockets of your clients.

As we have already said in an old post of ours entitled "Forget about advertising, create an app for your brand!", a branded app .  

8. Retain customers

Users of any kind of website, blog, radio, web tv, etc ... want to be kept up to date with news that they love. An app provides real-time information, images, videos, events, podcasts, etc.. Plus it allows you to create an exclusive relationship between the brand and the customer by offering unique and special content.

9. Take advantage of the viral effect 
An app doesn't only facilitate navigation, but also the process of sharing content. Give your users a chance to make your contents viral. They are the best ambassadors of your brand.
10. Optimize the promotions
Launch promotions on mobile devices, tailored for your target, by relying on the statistics of your app.

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