Choose your push notification sounds

Written by on Monday, August 19th 2013

Hello GoodBarbers!
We already spoke about the push, but did you know that we have more than 10 notification sounds for this option?

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Friday Talk: Custom Section

Written by on Friday, August 16th 2013

Hello GoodBarbers,
Today Méryl and Jérôme talk about the custom section.
You're using this section when you want to display content that it isn't in the source of GoodBarber. 

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Showcase: Naturapics

Written by on Thursday, August 15th 2013

Sebastien has made a great job creating his app with GoodBarber. His blog's  content is highlighted in a really beautiful app, powered by GoodBarber.
If you like photography, don't waste a minute and go to download this app :)

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[Tech] Custom log lines (aliasing NSLog) #iOS #Objective-C

Written by on Wednesday, August 14th 2013

Any developer knows the importance of logging while debugging. The more you log, the faster and easier it will be to find anomalies in the source code. It allows for instance to look at the data received from the network, in our case, the responses of the requests sent to our architecture.
Anyway, two problems can appear around this problematic :
- These logs, essentials in DEV, slow the app in PROD, and significantly degrade the user experience
- The proliferation of logs makes the console unreadable very quickly, which requires rigor in writing their labels
To solve these problems we have chosen to implement a logging system tailored to our needs. The idea is obviously not to reinvent the wheel - the standard system proposed by the iOS SDK is very effective - but to provide a simple to use tool, that ensures readability and performance.

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6 questions to ask yourself when choosing an app builder

Written by on Monday, August 12th 2013

App builders are great tools to use when you want to create by yourself your app. There are many kind of app builders. Some of them answer developers needs, others are for non-developers.

In this article, we are going to focus on app makers for non-developers. Here are 6 questions you should ask yourself when it comes to choose such a tool to create your app.

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Friday Talk: Store identification

Written by on Friday, August 9th 2013

Hey guys,

Today we're going to talk about the identification of the users in the stores.
With GoodBarber the developer is you! Apps are published under your developer account.
Jérôme and Méryl explain why it's important and what are the good points.

Have a good week-end folks!

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Showcase: La Boite à Photos #1

Written by on Thursday, August 8th 2013

Let's check our new showcase about Photography!
If you're a photographer or you want to learn more about it, this application is for you!
Tips, advices, videos, the association of more than 10 bloggers give you a lot of opportunities to know how to take pictures different situations ;)

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How to activate the native YouTube player in your Android app

Written by on Monday, August 5th 2013

In last week update, we published a brand new feature allowing your users to watch YouTube videos directly from your Android app (either in articles and video sections). It uses the native YouTube player for a better user experience.

If you've already re-built your app since the update #1238, you just need to follow these steps to activate the new player. If not, follow this quick process, re-build your Android app from your GoodBarber backend, and publish an update on the store!

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