Written by on Thursday, May 9th 2013

Three years ago, eMarrakech was one of the first app our team worked on. A few month ago, it became, "The Maghreb Daily". We would like to thank Tarik and his crew for their trust in GoodBarber :)

Look at this great app, and download it!

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Backend tricks: Customize your preview

Written by on Monday, May 6th 2013

If you follow our blog with attention, you probably noticed a new backend feature in the last Tuesday update :)

You can now set the default tab for the preview (iOS or Android), and choose the phone's color (black or white). Trust us, it will be such a useful feature when designing your app!

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Friday Talk: GoodBarber for developers?

Written by on Friday, May 3rd 2013

We always say that GoodBarber is for non-developers.

But did you know that if you have coding skills you can develop your own plugin? GoodBarber has 3 types of APIs: Plugin, Content & Settings.

Listen to Jerome & Laurent, they tell you everything about that.

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Written by on Thursday, May 2nd 2013

Discover a great app this week: for iPhone.

Look at this showcase at go to download it :)

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #921

Written by on Tuesday, April 30th 2013

Starting from this week, we'll publish 3 differents changelogs each Tuesday: iOS, Android & backend.
The backend changelog summarizes the week's changes, that you can already see.
For iOS and Android changelogs, as usual, don't forget to re-build your app to apply the corrections :)

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Friday Talk: How to monetize your app

Written by on Friday, April 26th 2013

This week, Jerome & Laurent are presenting GoodBarber's monetization features.

You'll know everything about ads in GoodBarber: internal ads, external networks and strategy!

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Showcase : Gizmodo France

Written by on Friday, April 26th 2013

We love what the NetMedia Europe team has done using GoodBarber for its app Gizmodo France on iPhone!

Look at this showcase, and go to download it :)

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How to set up correctly the sharing options in your Android app

Written by on Thursday, April 25th 2013

Many of you have enabled the social sharing options into your apps, and you're right! It's a very good way to encourage your users to spread the word about your app and your content.

Since last week, the Android beta is opened on GoodBarber. You probably noted that new options have appeared in your backend: in expert mode, you can now upload a specific icon and a specific splash screen for your Android app.

In order to set up properly the sharing options in your app, you need to set up a new parameter in the Facebook and Twitter apps you have already created.

Here is a little summary of the modifications you have to apply to your social apps if you have already created them.

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #871

Written by on Tuesday, April 23rd 2013

Thanks to all your feedbacks, here is the first Tuesday update of the Android engine.
All the team has been working hard on Android this week. Next Tuesday we'll update both engines :)
So here is the changelog for this Tuesday update, for Android only:
- Bookmarks sections are now enabled
- Custom sections are now enabled
- GoodBarber statistics are now enabled
- Bug fix: Images are now displayed correctly in the header
- Bug fix: The template 6 in Article sections doesn't crash anymore
- Bug fix: The opacity is now correct on all the toolbar buttons
- Bug fix: Events dates are now correctly formatted
- Bug fix: The first category filter of a section is now automatically selected
- Bug fix: The Facebook login is now working correctly
Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes :)
You'll also have some work to setup properly your Facebook & Twitter apps now that your app is running on Android. Stay tuned, we'll post the process to follow soon.

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