The first one

Written by on Thursday, January 31st 2013

Great news today.

The first iPhone app powered by the Beautiful Apps Engine is available in the App Store.

This the app of WMaker, our mother company. 

This is just the beginning. More to come in a few days.

Download on the App Store

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Opening GoodBarber's bag of tricks

Written by on Wednesday, January 30th 2013

With GoodBarber, everybody can create Beautiful Apps. But, being able to provide a software empowering everybody to create a Beautiful App is a long and ambushed way. 

Our technical team is composed by passionate people. Talented mobile developers, experienced network and system engineers, mighty web developers. To build and run GoodBarber, everyday we have to solve complex problems, mainly due to the industrial trait of our product. GoodBarber powers millions of apps, installed, updated, and used all day long.

We would like to share with you - the geek ones ;) - the solutions we find in order to face the issues we come across every day.

Every article published under the "Engineering" serie will deal with an accurate topic regarding iOS, Android, Python, etc..
It could also talk about a generic process that was set up to maintain GoodBarber's industrial trait.

In this blog, over time, and each time we can do it, we will try to explain what's behind the scene and share GoodBarber's bag of tricks.

Stay tuned!

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #307

Written by on Tuesday, January 29th 2013

Changelog for this Tuesday update :
- New Live section (audio & video)
- You can now add a "All categories" filter in the advanced settings of your sections
- You can now re-order your filters with a drag-and-drop in the advanced settings of your sections
- The links are now active into the Facebook sections
- The action buttons are now dynamically aligned into the Photos sections, Template 3
- The Credit page of the Settings section has now an embedded style
- Bug fix : pictures are now displayed correctly in Article sections (detail view)
- Bug fix : outgoing links in articles content are now interpreted
- Bug fix : authentication and sharing issue fixed with LinkedIn and Tumblr
- Bug fix : fixed a wrong label into the Retweet action confirmation alert
- Bug fix : the https links are now interpreted
- Bug fix : the outgoing links are now interpreted in the Credit page of the Settings sections
- Bug fix : there is now a download link in the "Recommend app" sharing action of the Settings sections
- Beginning of the work toward the GoodBarber 2 migration for existing customer
Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes :)

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GoodBarber theme: Blow

Written by on Thursday, January 24th 2013

Bloggers, this theme is for you. Use it to unify your web presence.

It was especially crafted for those publishing a high volume of content : news, videos, photos, podcasts, etc.

Looking at the root view, you see that our designer chose a tab bar for the navigation.  But you notice that Blow has also a sub-navigation, with a "circle band", at the top of the screen. Very useful to offer a clear navigation among a lot of content.

In the detailed view, the tool bar is at the bottom. Select the option you want to propose. In this exemple, comments, sharing, font size and add to faves are enable.

Blow is one of the 50+ themes available in your GoodBarber backend. Use it as a starting point to create your Beautiful App .

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #274

Written by on Tuesday, January 22nd 2013

Changelog for this Tuesday update :
- rotating the iPhone when playing a video rotates the video too
- new french translations added :
          - "Pull to refresh"
          - Post comment
- bug fixed when displaying comments
- bug fixed whrn displaying the "Send" button in the comments page
- better management of hours format (20h instead of 8h)
- comments can be posted in a WMaker > Video section
- better management of urls in the video section
- bug fixed whrn connection social networks
- you can now add advertisement in your app
          - GoodBarber banners
          - MobPartner banners
          - Admob banners
          - Swelen banners
          - GoodBarber splashscreen
          - AdMob splashscreen
          - Swelen splashscreen

To have this changes applied to your app, you need to re-build it.

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #251

Written by on Tuesday, January 15th 2013

This is Tuesday ... time to update the Beautiful Apps Engine.

If you build your app after this update, here are the new features you will have :

- Increased thumbnail size for the following templates:
     - Article - Template 1
     - Article - Template 2
     - Article - Template 3
     - Article - Template 4
     - Article - Template 5
     - Video - Template 1
     - Video - Template 2
     - Video - Template 3
     - Video - Template 4
     - Video - Template 5
     - Podcasts
     - Event
- Bug fixed when displaying comments: troncated comment + comment number deleted
- Bug fixed when loading Instagram comments
- Now showing Instagram comments on Photo - Template 2
- Crash fixed when displaying Instagram comments
- "Force update" action in the Setting section + alert
- "Flush cache" action in the Settings section + alert
- Bug fixed when recommanding the app from the Settings section
- Bug fixed in the UGC section. You can now deactivate authentication, via the backend

Now, let's create Beautiful Apps!

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #230

Written by on Tuesday, January 8th 2013

Each Tuesday, we update the Beautiful Apps Engine.

So, here is the changelog of what's is newly available in your apps:
- better thumbnail quality in the lists views
- better localisation for date formats
- error message displayed when it is impossible to retrieve comments
- fixing bug when cropping thumbanails in Sound section
- fixing seperator color settings in the menu (with swipe mode)
- fixing graphical bugs in Twitter section (troncated Twitter account, date labels added)
- better handling of external links in detail pages
- better error management in all connectors
- action button can be sorted (sharing, bookmark, comment, ...) in detail pages (you need to edit the JSON file to do so. Advanced users feature)
- fixing background color bug in Other section (with TabBar mode)
- fixing bug to display the right color in a cell of the swipe mode, when selected
- reseting red badges received when pushed, after opening the app
- enabling comments in the Photo/Instagram section
- several grahicals renderings improvements
- IPA file size is smaller
- several minor improvements

To have this changes applied to your app, you need to re-build it.

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Pace è Salute per u 2013

Written by on Tuesday, January 1st 2013

We wish you a happy new year. As we say in Corsican: "Pace è Salute", standing for "Peace and Health"

Let's make Beautiful Apps ... and more in 2013
It's just the beginning :)

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GoodBarber 2: the first update

Written by on Friday, December 21st 2012

It's been exactly once week now, since we have widely opened GoodBarber 2 beta to the public.

We are very exited because, everyday, many of you try it and give their feedback. It helps us to speed up the pace to stabilize GoodBarber 2, so that it is rolled out earlier than expected.

Thanks to your experienced tests, we were able to publish last tuesday the first update of GoodBarber 2. Here is the changelog of what's new :

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Beta begins today!

Written by on Thursday, December 13th 2012

Hello GoodBarbers!

It's been a long wait but now ... time has come :)

In a few clicks, you will be able to test GoodBarber V2. This edition is called "Beautiful Apps" because we focused like no other on design. We hope you will enjoy the brand new back end, and get the inspiration to create the app that stands out from the crowd.

Before you start, keep in mind that GB V2 is still in beta. We look forward to reading your feedback.

Now, let's have fun and create your first Beautiful App !

Enjoy ;)
The GoodBarber Team

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