Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #587

Written by on Tuesday, March 12th 2013

Changelog for this Tuesday update : 

- Add of a progress bar on the status bar when the app is updating
- Increase the frequency of checking the availability of updates to the application
- It's now possible to detach listBackgroundColor and listBackgroundOpacity fields Detail pages (Settings API)
- It's now possible to add a custom CSS in an Article Detail page (Settings API)
- Translation adding : the sharing mail content is now available in French
- Bug fix: It's now possible to zoom in the app web browser
- Bug fix: Correction of typos in some texts in French
- Bug fix: Fix of post comment problem in Article / WordPress sections
Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes!

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How to switch my app in V2?

Written by on Friday, March 8th 2013

All the questions you may have before switching to GoodBarber V2.

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MWC - Focus on Ad Networks

Written by on Wednesday, March 6th 2013

I spent much of my time during the MWC to discuss with Ad Networks, with the intention to improve GoodBarber's ads features.
My feeling is that most of these services are meta Ad Networks. They work with many Ad Servers and through their algorithms, they take care to provide maximum gain to their customers.
I can quote Smaato, InMobi, Adfonic and the very friendly people of Ad4Screen as services that have caught my attention.
Our Holy Grail is the generic implementation of an Ad Server in GoodBarber, this trend is perfect for us :-)
Implementing the SDK of one of the services mentioned above allows GoodBarber to be compliant with all the ad servers managed by this service.
I also discovered AirPush, a mobile Ad Network focused only on Android which has the ability to send ads by Push. I found it quite original.
A word for a service that deserves a mention: going around these Ad Networks, I stumbled upon Crittercism, a bug tracker that really attracted me. We will soon use this tool, allowing us to stay aware of the stability of our applications and constantly improve their quality :-)

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #551

Written by on Tuesday, March 5th 2013

Changelog for this Tuesday update :

- It's now possible to detach images and background colors in Detail pages (Settings API).
- Smarter display of large thumbnail in articles and videos : when the large thumbnail is not available, we use standard thumbnail.
- Two new methods in the Plugin section :
        - setPreference for storing a variable in user preferences.
        - getPreference for getting a variable stored in user preferences.
- iTunes outgoing links are now supported in Custom and Plugin sections.
- Bug fix : In the Plugin section, the gbViewWillAppear method is also called for main plugin view.
- Bug fix : In the Plugin section, the return type of the gbRequest's callback is now String instead of Data.
- Bug fix : Error fix in the gbRequest fail callback.
- Bug fix : when getPreference is called on a non-defined preference, the method returns an empty String instead of a null object.
- Bug fix : the artist name is now displayed correctly in SoundCloud lists.
- Bug fix : the banners in detail views ads are now clickable.
- Bug fix : the backgroung of the swipe menu is now displayed correctly.
- Bug fix : no download for some thumbnails is now fixed.
- Bug fix : Missing article (or video) in case of an odd number of items in template 3 is fixed.

Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes!

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Few steps in the Hall 3 of Mobile World Congress

Written by on Thursday, February 28th 2013

Early in the morning, it was time for me to go to hang around in the Hall 3, a hall in which manufacturers like Samsung, LG or Nokia have great presence. You may also find mobile actors like IBM, or T-mobile, or others that you won't necessary think about, like Ford.

The first one when you go down to that hall is Samsung, you really can't miss it, it's a really huge booth !
To deal with the desappointment generated by the non-official release of the Galaxy S4 (and yes it was really disappointing for us), Samsung puts a strong focus on their new tablet :  the Galaxy Note 8.0, presented at the MWC.

The other highlight by Samsung was the Samsung Home Sync, a box that allows to share content between all Samsung devices authorized in the area. 

Not so much devices news, this year is the year of Cloud ! It is the master key !

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Photo safari in the MWC '13 jungle

Written by on Wednesday, February 27th 2013

Today I left the GoodBarber booth to visit others halls of the MWC. It's so large... Just spent 2 hours to visit 1 and a half hall !
What did I see? Mobile phones (of course), tablets, TVs, presentations, docking stations, beautiful hostesses, things I don't care, and many other things...
Oh... I also finally saw a 3D printer in the Nokia booth used to make phone covers. Great.
At the end I took a look at the Sony booth. It was my favorite one (I always had a soft spot for this brand...).
Stop speaking. Let's show the photos.

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Mobile World Congress, Day 2

Written by on Tuesday, February 26th 2013

Very busy day 2 at Mobile World Congress. Day 2 and day 3 are said to be the most intense of the event ... and, well, this is true.

We met a lot of people today : VCs, potential partners, complementary services and of course, leads :)

Not so much time to give you a feedback of what's hot in MWC2013, but we'll try tomorrow.

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