Mobile World Congress, Day 1

Written by on Monday, February 25th 2013

Here we are, the Mobile World Congress began this morning.

We met a lot of interesting people today!

The team who took the boat yesterday evening from Ajaccio arrived in the late afternoon due to difficult weather conditions. But everyone is here now, and really excited!

Tomorrow, we'll take a little more time to make an entire tour of the event, and prepare more focused blog posts. We'll focus on monetization, as we met a lot of ad networks at MWC, and on new devices.

We'll try to take some more general pictures of the entire event.

To follow us out of this blog, you can find us on Flickr, on Instagram (@goodbarber), on Twitter (@goodbarber) and on our Facebook  page :) 

See you tomorrow !

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We are in Barcelona!

Written by on Sunday, February 24th 2013

Here we are! At last, we managed to get to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress! Not an easy task, due to the bad weather :/

For this trip, we splitted our team in two. Jerome and I took the plane this morning from Ajaccio by Lyon. Sebastien, Laurent, Jim & Mathieu took the boat this evenning to Marseille, and will drive tomorrow morning to BCN.

There was snow this morning in Ajaccio, Corsica, and we were not sure that the plane could take off. The flight has been delayed more than two hours, but eventually everything went fine. We took our connecting flight in Lyon, and, we got to BCN :)

This year, the event sounds awesone, and the new venue, Fira Gran Via, is far bigger than Fira Montjuic where it took place last years.

The GoodBarber booth is awesome too! Enjoy some pictures :)

If you are heading to MWC this year, come to say hello in Hall 5, French Pavillon, Booth 5I100/55.

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Let's go to Barcelona!

Written by on Friday, February 22nd 2013

Next week will be a big week for our team.

For the third time, we are going to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is a major event for the Mobile industry, from manufacturers to soft editors like us. It is held every year in February.

For this edition, we have decided to make it the event of the year for GoodBarber. We will lauch officially GoodBarber 2 during the event. A lot of you have helped us with their feedbacks during the beta. Time has come to publish Beautiful Apps in the stores :)

This year, we'll have a booth at the MWC. Several members of the team will be there : Jérôme, Dominique, Sébastien, Laurent, Jim and Mathieu ! Come to say hi if you are nearby. You can meet us Hall 5, Stand 5I100/55

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #404

Written by on Tuesday, February 19th 2013

We didn't mean to, but today's revision is #404 :)
So, changelog for this Tuesday update:
- Add of the "Pull up to load more" feature to load more content in a section
- Add of the Plugin section
- It's now possible to choose the links font in a Twitter section / Detail page
- It's now possible to hide all pictures in the detail pages of the Articles/Videos/Podcasts sections using the Settings API
- It's now possible to change the Back button text using the Settings API
- Bug fix: the "%d" appearing in the date of a tweet older than a year has been removed
- Bug fix: the durations display in Video sections / Template 6 is now correct
- Bug fix: pictures titles in Photo sections / Template 3 are now corrects
- Bug fix: the action buttons order is now correct in Photo sections / Template 3
- Add of some minor translations
Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes!

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The Android team is growing

Written by on Monday, February 18th 2013

Native of Quenza, a small village in southern Corsica, I decided to join the GoodBarber Beautiful Team, to be a part of the Android side of the project.
Trained at ENSEA (Cergy) in electronics engineering, I decided to start my career with GoodBarber in order to specialize myself on Google's mobile platform.
For the time being, I'm quickly acquiring the basics of native apps development. In a few days, I will be ready to start working on my first piece of code on GoodBarber for Android. I am eagger to join the team actually working on it. Time has come to create Beautiful Apps for Android too :)

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The On'R award shines at CampusPlex!

Written by on Sunday, February 17th 2013

All the GoodBarber team was thrilled Wednesday morning when we brought the On'R award back at CampusPlex in Ajaccio.
Again, everybody thanks Philippe & Frédéric from Le Radio show!
You'll see that GoodBarber will be soon the best tool ever to create Beautiful Apps for radio stations :)

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GoodBarber for radio stations

Written by on Wednesday, February 13th 2013

Le Radio show ended yesterday in Paris. These three days have been an opportunity for us to gather lots of ideas to improve GoodBarber, in order to make it the best solution for creating mobile applications for radio stations.

This is also an opportunity to review the features available with GoodBarber for radios. Please note: we'll update this blog post as we go along so don't mind the publication date ;)

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Third day at Le Radio, the On'R award is ours!

Written by on Tuesday, February 12th 2013

Yesterday, we had the suprise to discover that we was "nominés" for the On'R awards, in the "Innovative Service" category.
We won it this morning !
We would like to thank very much Philippe Chapot, Frédéric Brulhatour and the On'R awards' jury at Le Radio show. It's a great encouragement.
We came to this show to discover the radio world, and to imagine new features for GoodBarber.
We have now a big, big to-do list, and you will soon hear about it :)

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Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #370

Written by on Tuesday, February 12th 2013

Changelog for this Tuesday update :
- You can now download sounds from Podcast sections and listen them offline
- You can now choose the text alignment of the detail page of an Article section
- You can now adjust the HTML page in a Custom/Url section
- Photos description added in Facebook section
- Better photo and iframe display in the detail page of an Article section
- New french translations added : 
     - "Choose a picture"
     - "Choose a video"
     - "Take a picture"
     - "Take a video"
     - "Choose from library"
     - "App Version"
     - "Device"
     - "iOS Version"
     - "Fill in details of your request below"
- Bug fix : outgoing links in articles titles are no longer automatically detected
- Bug fix : you can now choose a specific background for a section (JSON)
Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes :)

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Second day at LeRadio in Paris

Written by on Monday, February 11th 2013

Since this morning, we have met a lot of people. Each time, they give us great ideas to improve GoodBarber.
If it's true that we are not experts of the radio ecosystem, there are great chance that will become killers and the end of Le Radio!

Just one evidence: we are "nominé" for the On'R awards. 

Here are some pictures of Le Radio :)

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First day at LeRadio in Paris

Written by on Sunday, February 10th 2013

Today was the first day of LeRadio show in Paris, where we are exhibiting the brand new GoodBarber until Tuesday.

Here are some pictures of Jerome & Dominique on the GoodBarber booth :)

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GoodBarber @ Radio Zest in Paris !

Written by on Saturday, February 9th 2013

Today, we are at Radio Zest, in Paris. Radio Zest is a conference that is held before LeRadio show, where we'll have a booth until Tuesday.

At Radio Zest, Jerome Granados presented how a beautiful app can help you to target a larger audience for your radio station in 5 simple ideas.

Here are his slides :)

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