Does anyone talk on the phone anymore?


Exactly one year ago this video was posted on YouTube and began its viral tour on social networks.
Isn't it strange that the first reaction of those who saw the video "condemning" the use of internet and social networks was to share it with their followers?

Maybe...or maybe not!
Are we really sure that internet, smartphones, chats and social networks are making our lives sadder and lonelier? Are they really causing us to waste our lives away and miss out on opportunities?

Call or Text?

Is it true that phone calls are a thing of the past?

Surely the new generation was born with the opposable thumbs, version 2.0— super fast and strong that type at the speed of light. But don't think of this generation as completely alienated from the world of verbal communication. You can be sure they will engage in a good old fashioned phone call if they are kept away from their significant other for more than two days! 

I remember when I was little, my cousin was always scolded by my aunt and uncle for the exorbitant phone bill every month resulting from hours upon hours spent on the phone. So what has changed? Not much, apparently ...
The only difference is that today we partake in a new, more digital and silent form of communication.

We haven't stopped sharing or communicating, we have just chosen a new channel for it, and the change frightens us, as change so often does.

The stress of the call

Endless hours spent attached to the handset trying to get in contact with the information service of some company or municipal office.
Days wasted trying to get a doctor's appointment and not being able to find an available service.

And when you're trying to contact someone for work reasons but their line is always busy? Pure anxiety!
How can I recuperate all the time I have lost?

Through digital communication! The email, the online booking and chat assistance, the various apps and platforms that allow us to communicate more quickly and save time.

Emails are perfect for dealing with big projects or official communication. The messages can be stored on various devices and the conversation history is maintained—nothing is lost.

Chats, on the other hand, are fast and interactive. Perfect for solving minor problems in a few minutes tops without having to switch from one line to another.

Online booking saves us from overlapping appointments, minimizes waiting time and allows us to save the appointment in our smartphone's calendar that, as a great assistant, alerts us at the appropriate time.
But as they said to Peter Parker, "With great power comes great responsibility!"


So, do not wait until you're at home with your family to check your emails or to book your Saturday hair appointment. 

Apps and smartphones give us the ability to reduce time-consuming tasks to just a few seconds, but be smart and use them wisely.

They are the perfect way to occupy the bus stop, waiting for your friends who are always late...but when it comes time to interact with your peers, put the phone down for a second! Old fashioned face to face communication is always in style.