Have an event coming up? Create an app for it


create an event app
Are you planning an event? Does your promotion strategy include a mobile app? Let us give you some tips and explain why an app is what every event planner needs and how you should go about creating an Event App and introducing this powerful tool to the public.
More often than not, an app beats advertising. For starters, an app is more cost efficient. With the rise of app builders, app development costs have dramatically decreased, without comprising quality. Providing event goers with an app is also a way to meet their expectations. Just like users will check social media when they want to be in the know about an upcoming event, they will also check the app stores looking for the event's app. What's more, an app is user friendly: in one click, users can download it, enjoy an enhanced experience while accessing all the information they need, prior and during your event, and more. Last but not least, you must have noticed that now, if you go to a concert for instance, you don’t see lighters on anymore, but phones glistening in the dark. All the more reason to go mobile ;)

Before the event

Before the event, your app's main purpose is to inform. It should:
→ Introduce the event
→ Provide the complete event program
→ Include a map section 
→ Introduce the bands / singers, speakers, guests, the booths, the sponsors
→ Be social (social channels display, social media sharing, contact information)

The event program will probably be the most visited section. It should be simple but effective. Make use of our event templates to achieve your design. To display content, with our calendar section, you can connect an external source, such as a Google Calendar, Facebook events, or custom feed. You can also use our internal CMS if you want to provide exclusive material inside the app, such as videos and images. Also remember to enable the sharing option so that users can be your ambassadors on social networks.

When the event begins...

When the event is coming up, now's the time to add fresh content and engage your users even more. Use push notifications wisely and target them, segment your audience into user groups (by age, interests, usage of your app...). You can even rely on geo alerts to make your notifications smarter and target people that might be interested in your event within a designated geographical area.

To generate engagement, nothing performs better than surprising your audience. Enable a new section with backstage content such as the rehearsals of their favorite bands or an interview of a famous speaker. With an interface such as the GoodBarber app builder it's easy to update your app content after it was first published. 

User Generated Content can also create interaction. Enable a Submission section and start a photo or video contest to win backstage passes for instance.
Once the event starts, the UGC section can allow users to share their favorite event moments.


If your event lasts for a few days, you can consider introducing loyalty options and let users collect points at different food and drinks stands or when they purchase goodies with a prize once their loyalty card is completed. It is not only a pleasant way to reward users, it's also a way to keep them coming back for more.

A clever approach could be to promote your event through an app with a longer life cycle, as opposed to an event app with a limited duration. Think about it, if your event is tied to a specific location, you could look into creating an app to promote your city or tourism activity while rooting for your event. On top of the sections we've already discussed, in terms of display, you can circulate your own campaigns, with our internal ad server, and use splash screens and banners to advertise your event.

Sponsors and local businesses will be interested in the extra visibility too, which will allow you to further monetize your app. Moreover, the GoodBarber back office provides detailed statistics for the campaigns, so that you can track their performance and adjust them as the event unfolds. Overall, an app is a great addition to a sponsorship package to increase the value of your offer.

And when the event is over?

Don't let your users forget about your app just yet. Right after the end of an event is actually the perfect timing to engage your audience once again. Don't wait for the event goers excitation to die down. Right after a concert for example, encourage them to submit their feedback with the community and the artist.

This content is also precious information if your app is for a recurring event. It is the best form of free publicity. Just like with Facebook reviews, this section inside your app is where potential future attendees will go and make their mind up about buying their next week/month/year ticket. Don't neglect it, always value feedback, even negative comments.

Last one for the road: have a look at the statistics of your app. Get to know your users, your total number of downloads, launches, page views, etc. Sponsors will want access to this data quick and so should you. Use it to improve both your mobile app for next time and, ultimately, your event.