How to distribute my app out of the stores


You are a small structure, and you don't want or need your app to be published on the App Store or the Google Play Store? It is possible to distribute your app internally, and we are going to tell you how. 

Internal distribution

To distribute your app internally, the process is quite similar to a regular publication on the App Store or the Google Play Store. 

What differs is that instead of submitting your app production file to the store, the distribution file (ipa or APK file) is distributed directly to your users.

For native apps, the distribution process differs between iOS and Android 

Distributing the iOS version of your app

To distribute your iOS app out of the App Store, you first need to open an Apple Developer Enterprise account

This account costs $299 a year and allows you to distribute your app out of the App Store. 

Note that the Apple Enterprise Developer account is for the internal distribution of your application. It allows deployment within your company or organization, not distribution to the general public.

Distributing the Android version of your app

To distribute your Android app out of Google Play, it is even simpler: all you need to do is have your users download the APK production file (the file you get after validating your app on your GoodBarber platform). 

Distribution on the Web

If you don't absolutely need to distribute a native version of your app, the Progressive Web App is meant for you.

The PWA version of your app is compatible with every smartphone, tablet or desktop.It may be a good and simple way of distributing your app and boosting your traffic.

To distribute your PWAS, all you need to do is give your users the URL. As simple as that! Don't forget your PWA is also indexed on the search engines and therefore very accessible.

Tempted by Progressive Web Apps? Don't hesitate anymore and think about customizing your URL by creating your own domain name