The Healthy Rebel—The App that Lets You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!


Today we are showcasing a decadent Beautiful App that will eliminate any doubt you've ever had about the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

The founders of The Healthy Rebel App project, Amy and David, show us how they are successfully promoting healthy living while sparing us the sacrifice of our favorite treats! 

Can you tell us some background information on yourself and The Healthy Rebel?

My name is Amy Layne and I am a Holistic Nutritionist based in Vancouver, BC Canada. My partner is Dr. David Duizer and together we founded  in 2009. Since that time I have been coaching women all over the world through my signature online natural weight loss program The Bikini Body Program. 
At our blog on  we have been featuring my secretly healthy vegan, vegetarian and gluten free recipes since we started our company and they have been a huge success. To date they have generated over 15.5 million views and many have hundreds of thousands of pins on Pinterest. This all began after I transformed my own life, became completely vegan and lost 30lbs. I wanted to share my whole-food, all-natural ingredient recipes with the world and my online community began to grow. 
My specialty became healthy dupes of famous desserts, treats and guilty pleasure recipes. I am a firm believer that you can be healthy, lose weight and lead a fit lifestyle while enjoying decadent treats. This is how I became The Healthy Rebel. 
In 2012 we began getting requests for a recipe app from our global community. We had no developing experience but really wanted to provide this as we firmly believe that mobile is in higher demand than ever. Like everything in business we wanted to design and develop the app ourselves so in November of 2014 we decided it was time.
That is when we started to put together our iOS and Android App - The Healthy Rebel - 300+ Secretly healthy, delicious, whole-food recipes. We launched in mid-May 2015 and within 2 hours it had jumped to number 1 on the Canadian Food & Drink iTunes Charts (ahead of Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Martha Stewart) and number 3 on the Google Play Lifestyle Charts. 
We were so proud and excited to have had such a successful launch and are now ready to share The Healthy Rebel app with the world! 

Why did you decide to go mobile with this project?

Our decision was made for us by our amazing community at They love our healthy recipes and wanted them at their fingertips to enjoy.  
Mobile is the way of the future and our recipe app is the perfect alternative to traditional cookbooks. Being able to provide our content to everyone’s fingertips while joining the iTunes and Google Play communities expands our own community and enables us to reach many more people that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. 

What added value can your users gain from downloading your app?

We’re biased but we definitely believe that we are the best whole-food recipe app on the iTunes store currently. They not only gain hundreds of natural whole-food recipes that they can bring into their kitchen but also a wide variety of natural health articles that are constantly being updated. 
Our community members get access to their favourite DAMY treats on the go, in the kitchen and in the grocery store. 

How has having an app changed/improved your business?

Having an app has brought us into a different space as a business. We are thrilled to be a part of the iTunes and Android community. It also spreads the  and Healthy Rebel message to so many that otherwise wouldn’t have found us. This introduces thousands of more people to our community, our message and our online programs. 
Ultimately we are extremely passionate about spreading the message of healthy foods, healing and empowering peoples' diets. Our app has allowed us to do just that on an even larger scale. 

Why did you choose GoodBarber amongst the other choices?

We chose GoodBarber because we knew we wanted to be on multiple devices and in both app stores. We simply needed a variety of design choices and an easy to use backend content management system. GoodBarber provided just what we needed.

Do you have any advice for fellow GoodBarber users as well as business owners?

For GoodBarber users don’t be afraid to ask questions during your design process. We asked a million questions and their responses helped us achieve the app we wanted. 
In business it’s important to keep your eyes in your own lane. This is something I have learned over the years. For instance this app was dreamt of three years ago but the timing wasn’t right. I got caught up in watching other people realize their dreams faster than me and at times it really brought me down.
Also, always have a bottle of champagne in your refrigerator. This is for the good days and the bad. 
Discover delicious recipes and the full potential of an app created using our app builder, download The Healthy Rebel App on your own device, available on the App Store and Google Play :
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