If you have secured your Google account, we must fill out some verification information before being able to access your Google Developers Console and creating your Android application.

Here is how to set up your Google security in order to allow us access to your console while keeping your account protected. 


Connect to the Google account

1. Login to your Google account https://www.google.com/
2. Click on your profile photo at the top right.
3. Select "Google Account"
4. Click the tab "Security"
5. Select "Get Started"



Register the recovery telephone number

1. Under the block "Sign-in & recovery", specify your phone number by following Google's instructions.



Verify the number with a security code

1. Google will send you a message containing a code to verify that the phone number is valid: 
2. Validate your phone number.

The configuration of securing your account is complete.



Register the phone number in the back office GoodBarber

1. Go to the menu Publish > Android App > Publish
2. In the "Phone number" field, fill in the phone number used to secure your Google account.

Important: This phone number is used only for accessing your Google Cloud Console.
It will not be used to contact you or for any other reason besides the submission of your Android application. 


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