GoodBarber is taking care of the publication process of your Android app and the settings of your in-app purchases. 
Although we will deal with majority of the operations, some actions can only be performed by the owner of the Google Play account due to the level of permissions required. 

This tutorial will provide detailed explanation on how to grant our team access to the Google project so they can set up in-app purchases for you on that platform.


1. In your Google Play Console  go to Setup > API Access.
2. If necessary, accept the terms of use.
3. Select "Create new project" then "Link Project"
4. At the top right, click on "View Project".
5. This button redirects to the Google Cloud Console with the correct project already selected (if not, make sure you are connected with the same account on Google Cloud and Google Play). It should be named "Google Play Console Developer".



Invite GoodBarber's team to your Google Cloud Project

1. In that same project, go to IAM & Admin > IAM
2. Click "Add" to add principals and roles for "Google Play Console Developer" resource.
3. Add the email address and give it the "Owner" role. 
4. Save your modifications. 




Inform the team they've been invited

1. Use the In-App Purchase related support ticket  (the title of the ticket specifies that it concerns In-App purchases for Android).
2. Write a message to inform the team that the invitation has been sent. Include the URL of your project in the Google Cloud Console


What's next?

After accepting the invitation, the team will create the Service Account in your Google Cloud Project and complete the setting of your in-app purchases.

They will get back to you in the support ticket  when they are done, and let you know about the last steps before you can test your in-app purchases on Android. 

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