The App Store and Google Play store are meant to publish apps for the general public. If you are building an app for a specific group and do not want/need to go through the public store distribution process,  it is possible to distribute your app differently.


iOS Private distribution

For apps that are meant for internal use in an organization, there are 2 possibilities: 

In-House distribution: Distribute the app out of the App Store but with very strict eligibility requirements (more information about In-House distribution in this online help ). 

Custom Apps: Distribute your app privately while using App Store Connect and Apple Business Manager.
Apple recommends using the Custom Apps method if you are distributing your apps to partners, clients, franchisees, internal employees, or affiliates.  This is the private distribution method that Apple recommends.
More information about In-House distribution in this online help


Android Private distribution

To distribute your Android app  to your users directly, you need first to get your APK production file from your Google Play console:

1. Build your adhoc (test) Android version then download your .aab file  
2. Login to your Google Play console
3. Select your app
4. Go the menu Release > Production 
5. Click "Create new release"
6. Click "Upload" to upload your .aab file downloaded previously  from your GoodBarber back office
7. Go to the menu "Release > App bundle explorer :: Tab Downloads"
8. Download the Signed, universal APK file from the Play console

Now, all you have to do is to distribute your production APK file to your users directly.



The Progressive Web App (PWA) alternative

If you don't absolutely need to distribute a native version of your app, remember that you also have the Progressive Web App alternative.
The PWA is compatible with every smartphone, so it may be a good and simple way of distributing your app when you don't need the functionalities of a native app.

To distribute the PWA, all you need to do is give your users the URL to access it. They will be able to open it in their mobile browser and can access your app content.
You also have the possibility to customize your URL and use your own domain name. 

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