If you are subscribed to the GoodBarber Takes Care service, we need to access your Google Cloud Console and/or your Apple Developer Account in order for us to submit your app. 

Signing in with a verification code means that your account is more secure.
When you have an extra layer of security, such as the 2-step verification, we are asked for a code when we try to log in to your account, which makes it slower and more complicated for us to take care of the submission of your app.

For this reason, here is a tutorial explaining how to deactivate this 2-step verification the time for us to take care of your app submission process.


Remove the two-step verification on Google

To remove the two-step verification on your Google Cloud Console :

1- Go to “Signing in & security” section of My Account
2 - Click on "Signing in to Google"
3 - Select 2-Step Verification.
4 - Sign in with your username, password, and verification code if asked




5 - Select Turn off 2-Step Verification.


6 - Select Turn off on the pop-up window.


If your account is protected by another security setting such as the recovery phone number, the recovery email address or the city where you usually sign in, please provide us the necessary information, so we can access your account and make the app submission process faster.


Remove the two-step verification on Apple

To remove the two-step verification on Apple Developer Account you have to:

1 - Sign in to your Apple ID account page .
2 - In the Security section, Click Edit.
3 - Click Turn Off Two-Step Verification.
Once it is done, you will get an email confirming that two-step verification for your Apple ID is off.

Alternatively, add GoodBarber to yourTrusted Numbers, so we can access your account without you having to disable the two-step verification.


Let us know when you are done

If you were asked by the support team to deactivate the 2-step verification, don't forget to inform them when you are done, so they can resume the submission of your app as soon as possible.

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