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iOS - Trouble testing the Ad Hoc version

If you can't install the Ad Hoc version of your iOS application on your test device, please verify the following elements:


Verify the iOS version number

Verify the iOS version number of the device.
You can see this in the Settings of the device

The iOS version number must be iOS 11 or higher versions.
The previous versions are no longer supported, so you will not be able to install the app on a device with iOS 10 for example.


Uninstall the previously installed versions of the app

Make sure you do not have any previous Ad Hoc or store version of your app installed on this device:
1. Uninstall any previous version
2. Install the newest Ad Hoc version again. 


Verify the UDID

UDID means Unique Device Identifier. It is like a serial number used to accurately identify your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

The Ad Hoc Version of your app can ONLY be installed on a device if its UDID is registered in the Ad Hoc mobile provisioning file that is uploaded in the GoodBarber back office.
1. Verify the UDID of your test device.
Here is an online help to show you how to get the UDID of your device .
2. Go to the menu Sales channels > iOS App > Certificates  : List of authorized devices.
3. Check if the UDID of your device is registered in your back office, if it isn't add it to your GoodBarber back office (refer to this online help ).