Activate the SMS notification extension

1. Go to the menu Extensions store > All extensions  :: SMS Notifications
2. Click "Install"

Activating this extension is free, and available only with the Progressive Web App (PWA) version of your app.
It allows you to text your users from your back office. It works on every mobile device.


Set your SMS notifications

Once the extension is activated, a new menu is available in your back office.
1. Go to the menu Notification > Push > Sent SMS
2. Click the tab Settings  to set the different texts that will be used to send your SMS.


3. Go to the menu Publish > PWA / Android / iOS > Update :: Tab Progressive Web App Engine
4. Click "Rebuild my PWA" to include this feature to your PWA.


Send a SMS notification

1. Your users must accept  in order to receive your SMS notifications when displaying your PWA on their mobile browsers and fill in their phone number in the popup that will be displayed.*
2. A welcome text message is sent (see step 2 above to edit the default text). This SMS will be debited from your stock of credits.


3. Go to the menu Notification > Push > Sent SMS  :: Tab Send
4. Fill in your message
5. Click "Send"

*To not receive your SMS anymore, the user has to send STOP in the message screen.


Credit system

There is no geographical limit on where your Progressive Web App can be used. You can have users all over the world asking to sign up to receive SMS notifications. The billing system manages the price differences based on the country receiving the SMS. For each country, you will always pay the lowest price.

To reflect the difference in prices between the different countries, the cost of sending an SMS is associated with a certain number of credits.
1 credit corresponds to the lowest possible cost to send an SMS.
Sending an SMS can cost 1 credit when sent to a certain country, but several dozens of credits when sent to another. 

Check the credits left:
1. Go to the menu Notification > Push > Sent SMS   :: Tab Send.

Every month, GoodBarber gives you 500 free credits.
You can buy additional credits from your back office, at the cost of $1 for an extra 100 credits

Before sending a message, an estimation of the number of credits that will be consumed will be shown. This calculation is done based on the number of recipients and the countries associated with the phone numbers.


List of subscribers

1. Go to the menu Notification > Push > Sent SMS  :: Tab Send.
The "Subscriber list" tab indicates, for each phone number, how many credits will be consumed when an SMS is sent.  

2. Identify users who have unsubscribed from the notification service: red icon with a slash through it.
These users have sent STOP via SMS to unsubscribe.

3. Modify the reception status of a phone number by clicking on its icon.
Green: the number receives SMS's.
Red: the number is suspended.
This can be useful if you don't want to send an SMS to certain numbers that will consume a lot of credits. 

4. Delete a subscriber: Click on the trash can.
The number will disappear from the user list and will no longer receive any SMS's, unless he re-subscribes from the PWA himself.



SMS Sender

When you install the SMS extension, a phone number is automatically associated with your PWA.
Important: you can not choose your number or display a name as sender.
This number is used for sending SMS's. Each PWA has its own number (unless you are still in a trial period). 

By default, the number associated with your PWA is an American number. If you want to change the number's country origin, please contact the support team. 


Video tutorial

Note: Menus have changed in the back office, but the behavior explained in the video is still accurate.

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