How to create a design backup

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office! 

Today I'm going to show you a trick that could be very useful in the future.

I'm going to teach you how to back up the design of your app! 


This feature allows you to save your design settings at a given time and to come back to this version of your app whenever you want.

Be careful, it's not about saving the content of your app, only the design!


To create a backup, I go to the Settings menu.

I click on Backups.

Here I only have to click on create a backup.

In a few seconds it's done.


I can create several back ups as I make changes to my design.

Once my backup is done, I just have to click here to reapply it to my app. 

I can also delete it if needed.

 Be careful, it is not possible to find a backup that you have deleted so watch out! 


This option can be very useful if you change the design of your app according to the seasons for example! 

Now you know how to save your app design! 

See you soon for a new tutorial! 


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