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Applicantes, our favorite site about the world of apps


4 questions to Juan Antonio Corrales, product manager of Applicantes

Can you present Applicantes to our readers?

Applicantes is the first Spanish website that provides daily information about the world of apps. The project began in 2012 when a group of journalists specializing in IT and myself saw that there was a website that gathered together all the information on all operating systems. For this reason we decided to do a website that talks about mobile phones,also on smart tvs, smartwatches ...

What's your main goal with your mobile app?

Be closer to our users and communicate with them fluently.

How does your app help you to increase your readers loyalty?

Our app provides the ability to read all the information that we publish in a comfortable and intuitive way in iOS and Android devices. It makes it easier for our users get in touch with Applicantes.

What's your favorite feature in GoodBarber?

Push Notifications: thanks to them we can send segmented and relevant information to our users.