GoodBarber developer tools

Discover all the tools you can use to make your GoodBarber app even more tailor made. Automate workflows with integrations. Develop your own features with plugins.

No-code integrations+

Use GoodBarber integrations for Zapier and Make to automate workflows. You can plug your app to 1000+ of third party services.


With the Zapier extension, you have the ability to connect your app to thousands of other online services. For example, when a new user creates an account in your GoodBarber app, Zapier can ask Mailchimp to add them to one of your audiences


Make is the perfect extension to set up automations without having to code. For example, you could create a scenario that adds the email of your new users to a Salesforce campaign

Zapier (for eCommerce)

Zapier is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between your GoodBarber app and other online services, without any coding. For example, when an order is placed in your GoodBarber app, Zapier can ask Google Sheet to create a new row in a spreadsheet.

Make (for eCommerce)

Connect your eCommerce app to Make and automate operations. For example, you could create a scenario that updates the stock of a product when a row is added to a Google Sheet table.


Build with GoodBarber

For your Content app

Use our APIs to build a custom made workflow. You could for example make an integration that adds a user to a group when an email is added to a Google Sheet.

For your eCommerce app

With GoodBarber's APIs, build solutions around your eCommerce app to boot your business. For instance, when an order is placed in your GoodBarber app, you could automatically print it in your kitchen or in your warehouse.

Custom features+

Add your own custom features into your app

Create your own feature

Use our Custom sections to create customized features that are deeply integrated into your application. Menu, widget, navigation mode or full-fledged section, you can create your own elements from scratch, using common languages such as HTML, JS and CSS. We provide you with the GoodBarber App API, offering simplified access to interact with built-in parts of the app. The GoodBarber App API provides you with complete flexibility, unlocking a world of opportunities to tailor your application to your specific needs.

Code examples

Feed your creativity by exploring the practical examples available on our Github. These concrete examples will guide you in the creation of unique functionalities, offering you a constant source of inspiration.

Advanced design edition+

Go the extra mile in design customization

App design configuration file

Get a direct access to the configuration file of your app. You will be able to edit hidden parameters to make deep design customizations.

Content synchronization+

Build a custom connector to display content in your app

Custom content feeds

With a custom content feeds, you can synchronize the content you manage with a third party CMS into your app. The content is displayed into GoodBarber's native templates and benefits from all the features of your app.

Data import & export+

Use CSV imports and exports to ingest data within your app, manage or re-use your data outside GoodBarber

For your Content app

You can manage data related to your users (with the Authentication extension), as well as extract traffic statistics of your app.

For your eCommerce app

You can manage data related to your products, customers and orders of your shop, as well as extract traffic statistics of your app.

Hire our experts

If you are not a developer you can also hire our Service+ team.