GoodBarber Open: unlimited customization to develop your app's full potential
From user interface customization to advanced feature integration, discover how each Custom Code extension can transform your application.
GoodBarber Open is aimed at developers and expert users who want to make the most of GoodBarber's capabilities. By offering a diverse set of extensions, GoodBarber Open enriches our no-code solution, enabling advanced customization and the addition of specific features that meet the unique needs of each mobile application project.

This article is aimed at you, expert users and developers, who have the technical knowledge to take advantage of these extensions. With GoodBarber Open, you have the opportunity to go beyond the basic options, integrating customized elements and optimizing your application to meet your expectations and those of your users. Whether you want to enhance the user interface or integrate complex functionality, GoodBarber Open gives you the tools you need to turn your vision into reality.

Discover how the GoodBarber Open package can help you further customize your projects and develop applications that stand out for their quality and functionality.
Maximize customization with Custom Code extensions
GoodBarber Open's Custom Code extensions offer unprecedented flexibility for developers and expert users wishing to customize their mobile apps beyond standard functionality. Whether it's injecting custom code directly into your widgets, navigating uniquely through your app, designing a bespoke menu or creating fully customized sections, these extensions are powerful tools for turning your vision into reality.

The Widget Custom Code lets you embed custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript code in your widgets for advanced UI customization.

The Custom Code navigation mode lets you create a completely customized navigation mode using custom code.

The Menu Custom Code extension is perfect for those who want to differentiate their application with a unique menu, created from their own code, offering total freedom in layout and style.

The Section Custom Code extension authorizes the addition of fully customized sections with HTML/CSS/JavaScript code. It's ideal for integrating specific content or features that require a tailored approach.
Extensive design customization with the Advanced Edition extension
The Advanced Edition extension opens the doors to advanced customization of your app's design, unlocking access to advanced settings not accessible from the backoffice GUI. It's particularly suited to expert users who want to fine-tune their app's aesthetics beyond the standard options on offer. This extension offers the possibility of fine-tuning design elements such as colors, fonts and layouts. Ideal for those seeking detailed control over their project's visuals, the Advanced Edition extension is the indispensable tool for transforming and customizing the user interface, making each application truly unique and tailored to the precise requirements of its creators.
Complete your customization with additional built-in features
GoodBarber also offers a range of directly accessible customization features, without the need to add extensions.These include adding HTML/VSS/JavaScript code to the Article Template and Video Template, or to a CMS paragraph.

When creating a Custom Code Section, the Integrated Text Editor makes it easy to write your code.

Finally, GoodBarber offers access to APIs to build functionality around your app, enabling deep integration with other services and extending your app's capabilities.

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