Next Generation App Builder

Native Apps

Native Apps

Sell native Android apps at any price you want. We never take any commission. You can create as many projects as you want with your unlimited plan.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Offer your customers an exceptional web experience with Progressive Web Apps. As part of your unlimited plan, every project you create will benefit from the features of our most advanced package.



Enhance the versatility of what you can offer with add-ons, such as loyalty cards, geofencing, beacons and more. Purchase unlimited usage of an add-on and apply it to all of your projects.

“The builder allows us to make modifications on the go, cutting down time and costs, even for our client. By the way, GoodBarber was chosen after a careful selection and analysis of over 5 different app-builders, lasting more than 1 year.”

Draculapp, UK/Italy/Middle East
Martin de Bonis, Chief Information Officer

“There have been many satisfying moments in business… the best being the look in a business owner's eyes when they truly “get it” as we demonstrate the power of literally reaching into the pocket of their consumers in real time.”

Fire Breathing Penguin, USA
Adam Wood, co-founder

“I quickly decided on GoodBarber as a solution. Having no experience in this area, the simplicity of using the platform, the features that fulfilled all of our needs, and seeing what we could produce in record time were all positive points for me.”

Interpaul, France
Gregory Dumoulin, co-founder

“Every year we release at least 2 apps which are downloaded more than 1 million times. {...} We believe we have the formula to build and maintain quality apps that reach millions of people around the world and this is the reason clients are working with us.”

Proexe, Poland
Maciej Bakalarz, founder and CEO

“With the help of the GoodBarber platform we have been able to gain time in the development of applications and, consequently, offer solutions with great quality for a lower investment price.”

BT Design, Brazil
Bruno Tallarico, creative director

“In using this App Builder, you have access to everything necessary for publishing and maintaining your application in stores...use GoodBarber to its full potential to materialize your visions.”

TuAppSinLimite, Venezuela
Luís de Gouveia, founder

“...we first invested time and resources in order to study and understand how to get the best out of this wonderful CMS, we then worked with our clients to provide them the right app tailored to their needs...we have to focus on results because a satisfied customer will be a lifetime customer.”

Hago ADV, Italy
Dario Dazzin, founder

White label App builder

The GoodBarber brand is hidden from the projects you create.
The apps and their backends will display your brand instead of ours.

Domain name

Domain name

Link a dedicated domain name to your reseller account. Your users will access their apps' backends via this domain.

Visual identity

Visual identity

Customize your app backends with your identity. Your logo is displayed on every page. You can replace several placeholder images with your own, so that the design of the app builder stays consistent with your branding.

Branded emails

Branded emails

Every automatic email sent by the app builder will have your branding instead of ours, keeping consistency throughout every step.

Reseller dashboard

A dedicated interface to manage all of the projects associated with your reseller account.

App management

View the status of all of your apps from the same page. Use the powerful search engine to filter and display apps based on the criteria you want—for example, ones that are actively published in the stores.

Branded emails

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers

Will the price change?

No, the current price offered is guaranteed for life if you subscribe today. To get it while it lasts, contact us now by filling in the form below. 

Is it possible to build extra features on top of GoodBarber?

Yes. As a reseller, you automatically benefit from our developer options, including access to our API settings which allow for detailed design customization.

Can I get dedicated training?

Yes, as soon as you enroll as a reseller, you benefit from 6 free, personal onboarding sessions. Each week, you get a 45 minutes call with one of our experienced advisors, who will walk you through a new, fundamental concept of app building. Key concepts covered during the personal training are also available in our YouTube channel for those who prefer a self paced DIY training.

How do my customer manage their app?

You give your customers access to their app backend, choosing exactly which sections you want them to contribute to and which you want to restrict. Sending push notifications, monitoring stats, creating ad campaigns, publishing content...which pages you want them to see is your call.


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