Unlimited Apps for Resellers


Become a reseller today and create as many apps as you want.
Exceptional price reserved for the first 1000 subscribers.

Become a reseller

White Label App Builder

Unlimited apps Affordable and hassle-free. As many projects as you want for a monthly fee of 200€.

White label The GoodBarber brand is hidden from the projects you create. Frontend and backend services will display your brand instead of ours.

Sell native iOS & Android apps Sell apps at any price you want—we never take any commission. All apps benefit from the features of our most advanced package, including an iPad version, so your clients will enjoy a broad range of offerings. 

Premium reseller advantages Get access to an organized interface from which you can oversee all of your projects, as well as the option to add and manage collaborators from your agency.

Dedicated support Get fast and accurate answers for every ticket you open. Whatever the question, our experts will have the solution.


Will the price change?

Nope, the current, discounted price of €200/month is guaranteed for life the first 1000 subscribers. 

Where do I manage my apps?

The reseller plan includes a special interface where all projects can be accessed from. From here you can also view payment history, check the publishing status of your apps, and manage your team of collaborators. 

Can my developers build on top of GoodBarber?

Yes. As a reseller, you automatically benefit from our developer options, including access to our API settings which allow for detailed design customization.


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