Harmony and coherence guaranteed

Design System

The secret of GoodBarber's design quality lies in our Design System.

Each application benefits from a harmonious set of rules, creating a consistent, professional visual experience. This approach ensures consistency, efficiency, scalability and accessibility at every stage of the design process.

Example of mobile application prototypes

The App Builder with the most beautiful customizable templates

Expertly designed layouts


GoodBarber offers an extensive library of display templates for every key element of your application: main navigation, home page widgets, lists and content elements. They are created by our expert designers.

Discover visual excellence with our immersive designs that redefine application aesthetics. The Floating TabBar menu offers fluid, elegant navigation, creating an intuitive user experience. Combined with motion design, every interaction - from shopping cart animation to filter categorization - becomes a visual demonstration of dynamism. With the transversal player, explore content in a continuous and immersive way. GoodBarber offers much more than simple design, but complete visual immersion for exceptional applications.

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Multi-screen ergonomics

At GoodBarber, we see ergonomics (UX) and aesthetics (UI) as essential pillars. Every design element adjusts seamlessly to all screen sizes, ensuring consistent quality on every device, whether smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The result is an optimal, engaging and visually captivating user experience.

Built to last, with a long-term vision

Robust apps

At GoodBarber, our dedication to your application's longevity is reflected in our long-term strategic vision. Every element of our creations, from lines of code to design, is meticulously crafted to anticipate evolving aesthetic and technological needs. We build strong foundations, ensuring seamless adaptability and enabling continued growth. With GoodBarber, you can create outstandingly designed applications today that will remain at the cutting edge of design tomorrow.

It's in the details that your app stands out

Fine customization to suit today's tastes

Explore the art of design, where every detail counts. Customize the appearance of your applications with extensive design options, such as rounding, shading, margins and form field sizes. Go even further with advanced component customization, giving you total flexibility in creating a unique visual experience. Express your creativity with fully customizable icons, adding a distinctive touch to every pixel.

For a unique visual and sensory experience

Native effects

Immerse your users in a true-to-life experience thanks to the native effects included in GoodBarber applications. Let them feel every interaction with haptic effects, enjoy smooth transitions and intuitive gestures. Bring your application to life with effects like parallax or dynamic header animation that add a touch of sophistication, creating unparalleled immersion for users.

An arsenal of elements to enhance your apps

A wealth of creative resources

GoodBarber provides you with an abundance of resources to enrich your creations. Choose from a library of 10,000 icons, explore the diversity of Google fonts, and embellish your applications with images from the Pexels library. What's more, custom font integration offers additional flexibility to ensure that your application perfectly reflects your visual identity. Use libraries such as LottieFiles and Rive to add incredible animations to your app (SOON).

Examples of icons available via Material icons
Material Design logoOver 8,600 icons
Example of icons
Import your own icons
Different typefaces
Custom font
Examples of Google fonts
Google fonts logoOver 1000 fonts
Examples of photos available from Pexels
Pexels logoPexels Library