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GoodBarber is the first No Code App Builder ruled by a Design System. Offer your users the best experience on mobile, like the pros. Your iOS and Android native apps will always conform to the best practices in UI and UX, leading to higher engagement and profits.

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The first No Code App Builder ruled by a Design System

With GoodBarber, you are guaranteed to provide an optimal user experience in your app

Good Space Management

Good space management illustration

Clear hierarchy

Illustration of clear hierarchy

Good font and color Management

Illustration of good font and color management

Never publish an app with a deceptive user experience

GoodBarber puts the user at the center of the design process. It’s the first App Builder to have created a Design System, a set of rules applied by default to every page you create in your app. Designers’ methods and tools have evolved considerably over the years. GoodBarber has integrated them into it’s no-code tool. It empowers you to guarantee a smooth and optimal user experience in your app.

Following our design system, you maintain visual consistency across all the pages of your app

Learn more about our Design System

Create beautiful apps, thanks to our Design System

With our app builder, you build your app following our design system, a set of rules to ensure good space management, a clear hierarchy and a good font and color management in your app. Design Systems are the modern way to put the user at the center of the design process.


190+ available extensions

The large Extensions Store library increases the power of your app

Your GoodBarber app can be connected to a wide range of extensions. Whether you have existing content on third party platforms (WordPress, Airtable, SquareSpace, …) or you want to achieve more in less time, thanks to Zapier and Make or you want to add an additional feature, there is an extension for that in the Extensions Store

Very fast apps, powered by native technologies

When using our nocode tool, you build an app with the most advanced technologies offered to developers by Apple and Google.

GoodBarber made the choice to use native technologies in its app builder so that your app is fast, secure, and perfectly integrated with the operating system of your end user. Doing so, your app benefits from all the innovations made by Apple and Google to provide the unique user experience only a native app can provide, with things like memberships, one click checkout with Apple Pay, push notifications, offline usage, fast and smooth app browsing, a beautifully integrated design, ….
This is a bold choice and our customers see a true difference compared to other app builders.

Our apps are written with:

logos of Swift, Kotlin and Angular
circle with checkmarklogo ios
iOS Apps

iOS apps are written in Swift, the Apple technology offering unique capabilities to build stunning user experiences, tightly integrated with the iOS ecosystem.

circle with checkmarklogo android
Android apps

Android apps are written in Kotlin, a modern and open source programming language to build first-class Android apps, with contributions from Google.

circle with checkmarklogo pwa
Progressive Web Apps

We love the web too! With GoodBarber, you can also create a Progressive Web App (PWA), the modern way to make a website that behaves like an app. We chose Angular for this.

offline iconAdvanced offline

Native apps allow for high quality offline functioning. Since it is possible to store all the contents in the binary file, a native app can very well do without a network connection to function properly. In reality, and for the majority of apps, not all content is in the binary. The use of the network is therefore necessary. Nonetheless, native apps make it easy to cache content on the phone. A dedicated algorithm optimizes the caching of the application's elements to ensure optimal, fast operation, whatever the connectivity conditions. This allows developers to craft optimization strategies to ensure useful operation of the app offline, without overloading the app's binary weight.

At GoodBarber, No-Code = No-Complexity

There are a lot of app builders in the market today, and honestly, their no-code approach sadly implies huge complexity. That’s not what we want to offer at GoodBarber. Most of the basic features you need to create a beautiful app are built-in into the product : sending a push notification, building a form, writing articles, posting videos, hosting your podcast, earning money with memberships, making an e-commerce app, having an authentication system, having your user send you photos …

GoodBarber is a one stop shop solution for your app project. It’s not required to connect to a third party service to achieve what you want to do. Complexity is reduced, and you manage your app and your data from a single tool, the GoodBarber backend.

Screenshot of the GoodBarber no-code app builder

No code needed to build your app. You design and manage your app from an intuitive interface. For each action you take, you get a real time preview of the result. Creating your app is fast and accurate.

Screenshot of the eCommerce solution - product list

From a single tool, you create your eCommerce and distribute it on the App Store, Google Play and the web. High performing conversion tools like 1-click payment and persistent login are built-in within the product.

Screenshot of the Content apps solution - article list

Get access to a comprehensive content management system. Articles, videos, podcasts, events, maps, forms, user generated content ... everything is already available to create the most engaging content app.

Screenshot of the push notification sending interface

GoodBarber natively supports sending Push Notifications for iOS apps, Android apps and Progressive Web Apps. Use the built-in filtering options to target and deliver the good message at the right time to the right subset of your audience.

Screenshot of the Memberships landing page configuration

Get revenue from your content with memberships. With this built-in feature, only paying subscribers can access your private content. A must have for content creators who wants to earn a living from their passion.

No boundaries

From Zapier integrations to custom plugins

Make your app even more bespoke by using our developer tools

No-code integration with Zapier and Make, APIs for your content app and your eCommerce app, plugin development to build custom features, advanced design configuration, synchronisation with external databases, ...

Discover all the tools you can use to make your GoodBarber app meet your own unique needs.

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Logos of several third party services that can be connected to GoodBarber thanks to Zapier or Make