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Deep personalization for a unique experience

Unparalleled customization for your application


At GoodBarber, we believe that every app should be as unique as the brand or creator it represents. Our platform offers unprecedented freedom of customization, enabling you to design a user experience that reflects your brand identity and engages your audience. From the choice of themes to the smallest icon, transform your app into an immersive extension of your brand. Find out why GoodBarber is the best app builder for design

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A powerful content management platform

Optimize the creation and distribution of your content

With GoodBarber, take total control over the management and distribution of your multimedia content. Our platform integrates advanced content management tools (CMS), making it easy to publish, organize and update a variety of formats, including articles, videos, podcasts, events and points of interest. It also offers innovative features such as push notifications to captivate your audience, live streaming to share live moments, and tools to promote special events. With GoodBarber, you have everything you need to keep your content fresh, relevant and engaging, ensuring an unprecedented user experience.

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Easy customization
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Maximize engagement and monetization

Build audience loyalty and generate revenue


Maximize audience engagement and explore new avenues of monetization with GoodBarber. Our platform offers advanced features to encourage user interaction, such as comments, shares and personalized push notifications. What's more, GoodBarber offers integrated monetization options, including advertising, paid subscriptions and premium content sales, enabling you to turn your app into a true content business.


Monetize your application with subscriptions


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Integrate ads in your app and generate revenue


Your application on the App Store, Google Play and the Web

Broadcast on all platforms and devices

Native applications for iOS and Android

Designed specifically for iOS and Android, your applications benefit from GoodBarber's expertise in native applications. Once launched, they are accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, benefiting from increased visibility thanks to store-specific SEO (ASO). GoodBarber's native applications guarantee an optimal user experience, a key element in building community loyalty.

PWA: Available on the Internet

Launch the web version of your application to the widest possible audience. Benefit from a high-performance, SEO-optimized web application. With its compatibility on mobile, tablet and PC, GoodBarber's Progressive Web App (PWA) offers a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience.


Content analysis and optimization

Measure impact and refine your strategy

Better understand your audience and the effectiveness of your content with GoodBarber's integrated analytics. Track your app's performance in real time, analyze user behavior and adjust your content strategy to maximize engagement and growth. With GoodBarber, every decision is informed by accurate data, helping you refine your approach and increase the impact of your content.

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