Brenda Wokoma, Thursday 18 July 2024

Design update : bring your maps to life with new icon designs

We're delighted to announce our latest updates to your map icons ! We've added not one but two options for your icons, and your users will notice them ! Designed to bring a modern touch to your app, they'll make your maps even more attractive. 
Jerome Granados, Thursday 11 July 2024

Boost your productivity with the AI Assistant

We're continuing to add features based on artificial intelligence. After the ChatGPT extension, which lets your users chat with an intelligent agent in your app, I'm going to introduce you today to the AI Assistant, a brand new extension specially designed to save you a lot of time when creating content in the GoodBarber CMS. AI Assistant is a tool accessible directly from your back office.  You can ask it to produce, summarize, complete, translate or change the tone of a text. It takes content production to the next level.
Mathieu Poli, Thursday 4 July 2024

What's new at GoodBarber ? June, 2024

Do you want to give your app a fresh update? This month, we are offering new templates for the Map sections and video widgets of your app. Don't hesitate to test them out! Below, you will find a summary of the developments and updates made during June 2024.  
Muriel Santoni, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Design update: an immersive sound experience at your fingertips

We are excited to announce the launch of an entirely new template for our sound widget. This new template promises to revolutionize the way your users interact with audio content on your applications: audio interaction becomes more intuitive and accessible directly from the app's home screen. Every element of the audio cell has been designed to offer a smooth and enriching experience: from the sound title to customizable details such as the summary, author, and date, everything is here to optimize user engagement.
Muriel Santoni, Friday 7 June 2024

New pager design: a modernized navigation

At GoodBarber, we constantly strive to refine our designs to offer the best possible user experience. Today, we are thrilled to present a significant improvement to our pager design, making navigation within our apps smoother, more intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing.
Mathieu Poli, Thursday 6 June 2024

What's new at GoodBarber ? May, 2024

This month, focus on AI! 2 major new features for users of the ChatGPT section: GPT-4o and GPT-4 (Turbo) models are now available for ever more efficient and responsive chat. You can also restrict the section to your app’s users only. Enough to take full advantage of all the potential of artificial intelligence in your app. Below you'll find a summary of developments and updates carried out during the month of May 2024.
Mathieu Poli, Tuesday 30 April 2024

What's new at GoodBarber ? April 2024

At GoodBarber, we are committed to consistently providing tools that are both technologically advanced and aesthetically appealing. We're excited to introduce our latest design innovation: the Shadow option, now available in our latest layout models. The Shadow option enables you to add subtle and elegant shadows to various elements in your templates, thus enhancing the overall aesthetic of your projects. This feature is designed to give your creations increased visual depth and a more sophisticated appearance.   Below you'll find a summary of developments and updates carried out during the month of April 2024.  
Muriel Santoni, Thursday 25 April 2024

Illuminate your designs with the shadow option

At GoodBarber, we continuously strive to provide both advanced and aesthetically pleasing design tools. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce our latest design innovation: the Shadow option, now available in our most recent layout models. The Shadow option allows you to add subtle and elegant shadows to various elements of your templates, thereby enhancing the overall aesthetics of your projects. This feature has been designed to provide increased visual depth and a more refined look to your creations.
Jerome Granados, Friday 12 April 2024

Maximizing recurring revenue with mobile apps: Strategies for resellers

As mobile devices become increasingly important in business, app business models have changed. While one-time payments were once the standard, recurring revenues have now become a popular option for many companies. Subscriptions, in particular, provide a stable and predictable revenue stream that is essential for long-term growth and financial sustainability. Additionally, they allow you to establish a closer, ongoing relationship with your users, thereby promoting customer loyalty and continuous improvement of your services. GoodBarber is a no-code platform that helps vendors adjust to the evolving market. It is an ideal solution for web agencies and freelancers who want to offer subscription systems in their customers' mobile apps. Our subscription models are customizable and tailored to meet the specific needs of each company. Whether you need premium content, exclusive services, or VIP access to special offers, we've got you covered. GoodBarber's membership system offers resellers a golden opportunity to stand out. Not only can they expand your portfolio of services, but they can also help your customers maximize their recurring revenues. It's a win-win proposition: end companies benefit from a new revenue stream and a strengthened customer relationship while you, the reseller, consolidate your position as a strategic partner essential to your customers' digital success.
Elena Debonis, Tuesday 9 April 2024

GoodBarber apps for local businesses

GoodBarber apps for local businesses In the heart of the city, amidst the bustling streets and tucked-away spots, you'll find the treasures of local trade: neighborhood stores. Though small, these businesses are essential, offering everyday essentials and fostering a feeling of community and comfort. From corner grocery stores to reliable produce markets and shops selling local and fresh produce, these are the places where tradition meets convenience.
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 3 April 2024

What's new at GoodBarber? March 2024

This month at GoodBarber, we're excited to unveil our latest feature of the month: the Countdown extension. Tailored for brands and creators aiming to stand out in a crowded digital landscape, this elegant and user-friendly feature allows you to integrate a dynamic countdown timer on your app's homepage. Perfect for building anticipation around events or promotions, the Countdown is our way of helping you captivate your audience and create immediate engagement. Discover how this innovation can elevate your user experience and make your app truly distinctive. Below you'll find a summary of developments and updates carried out during the month of March 2024.
Muriel Santoni, Wednesday 27 March 2024

Get the adrenaline pumping with a Countdown timer

In a world where time is a precious commodity, every second counts, especially for those who want to capture the attention of their audience and create a sense of urgency around their events or promotions. With this in mind, GoodBarber is delighted to present its latest innovation: the Countdown extension. A simple and elegant solution for integrating a countdown timer into your application's homepage. 
Jerome Granados, Wednesday 20 March 2024

Apple Vision Pro: A new horizon for your apps

We've recently added Apple's long-awaited Vision Pro headset to our arsenal. Our goal? To test and explore the potential of this new platform for applications created with GoodBarber. We're very excited about the first set of tests we've just completed. Applications built with GoodBarber are running remarkably well on Vision Pro.
Muriel Santoni, Friday 15 March 2024

New Visual Cards Template: Reinvent the way your items are displayed on your app's homepage

At GoodBarber, we're constantly looking for ways to help you create unique and engaging user experiences. With this in mind, we're delighted to announce the release of our latest design gem: the Visual Cards template. Designed specifically to transform the way articles are displayed in a widget on your application's home page, this new design is perfectly in tune with the modern trend towards highlighting editorial content.
Muriel Santoni, Tuesday 12 March 2024

Integrate native ads on the home page of your app via AdMob

In the dynamic world of mobile applications, finding innovative ways to generate revenue while preserving the user experience is a real challenge for app developers. To help you monetize your apps effectively, GoodBarber now offers seamless integration of Native Ads via AdMob, which have the immense advantage of optimizing the display of your ads without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of your application.
Brenda Wokoma, Friday 8 March 2024

Add a calculator to your mobile application

​For designers looking to enhance their applications, a calculator is the solution of choice. It enables them to hold users' attention with dynamic, personalized content. The GoodBarber extension store already offers a number of tools, including a body mass index calculator and a currency converter. For those who wish to go further, we suggest you (re)discover Appizy, a solution for transforming Excel sheets into powerful calculators for your mobile applications.
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 6 March 2024

What's new at GoodBarber? February, 2024

This month at GoodBarber, we're breaking new ground with the launch of our ChatGPT extension, a real game-changer for your apps through artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is set to transform how your applications interact with users, making conversations smoother, more natural, and smarter. It's a big leap towards a future where your apps aren't just useful, but truly intelligent and adaptive. Check out the rest of our February updates to see how we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible.   Below you'll find a summary of developments and updates carried out during the month of February 2024:
Ghjuvan Simeoni, Thursday 29 February 2024

Resellers: How to sell an app for employee communication

This article presents GoodBarber's various features for corporate apps, for internal, employee-to-employee communication. As this article is aimed specifically at GoodBarber resellers, the agencies who use our app builder to create and sell apps to their customers, we also provide several selling points to enable them to approach customers with confidence.
Brenda Wokoma, Monday 12 February 2024

GoodBarber for religious Apps

Mobile applications are proving their usefulness in more and more fields: fashion, education, tourism...and why not religion? In our increasingly connected world, spirituality also finds its place at the heart of technology. Indeed, creating a religious application can be a great way of bringing together a community of like-minded people worldwide.  We're rediscovering mobile apps from a whole new perspective: they're tools that bring us closer to other devotees and help us evolve in our spiritual journey. Their functionalities and unique content enable us to rediscover that sense of community.
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 7 February 2024

What's new at GoodBarber ? January, 2024

This month, we are thrilled to announce the launch of GoodBarber Open, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing developers and advanced users of GoodBarber with greater autonomy in customizing their applications. The result of a year-long project led by our technical teams, GoodBarber Open embodies our commitment to fostering creativity and flexibility in application development. Through this initiative, developers and expert users benefit from unprecedented freedom to manipulate code and configuration files.   Below you'll find a summary of developments and updates carried out during the month of January 2024:
Muriel Santoni, Thursday 1 February 2024

Design update : a new look for your product lists

We recently introduced you to some new designs for your event lists and article lists. Today we're building on that success with a brand new template for eCommerce apps: the Condensed template for displaying your product lists.