Design update: a new template for all your content lists

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Tuesday 30 May 2023

Following the release of the Tags template, we wanted to bring you another option for the transversal element of the multi-categories. Like the Tags, this template can be displayed in all list templates of all content types.
This Labels template will greatly contribute to upgrading the visual of your app, giving a modern and trendy vibe. Perfect for news apps, radio & podcasts, tourism guides, etc...

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GoodBarber: become a reseller of mobile apps!

Written by Ghjuvan Simeoni  on  Friday 26 May 2023

If you think about starting your own mobile apps development agency, you're at the right place. The GoodBarber reseller program brings all the flexibility to make your projects grow, maintaining a good quality price rapport, with a fixed pricing to create unlimited apps. Our app builder is an efficient tool used by more and more agencies to create and sell apps for their customers .

The main goal is to sell your mobile services using our platform. In other words, the idea is not to resell the actual DIY Platform itself, but to resell apps that you make. The process usually goes something like this : clients will communicate their mobile needs to the reseller, the reseller works their magic in the backend, invites the client to review their work, and the deal is sealed.

When the client logs into the backend, the GoodBarber logos and references are eliminated and replaced by those of your agency , so coherence in branding can be maintained. Only your brand will be highlighted when the customer connects to the back office of his app. The white label option is included in the Reseller program.

In addition, we have resources available to help you sell apps and improve your knowledge of the GoodBarber platform. All of the available resources are listed here . In particular, we've created white label documents with a clean design and arguments that will help you sell apps. These documents are available as a word file and slides . You can download them and use them as you wish!

This video gives you an overview of the reseller dashboard and the possibilities offered by the white label option, included in the reseller subscription:

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Now available for iPad: Manage your orders from your smartphone with My GoodBarber Shop Companion App

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Monday 22 May 2023

Update! Your GoodBarber Shop Companion app is also now available on iPad.

Whether you're an existing user of our GoodBarber mobile app or a newcomer, this new addition brings you an even more convenient way to manage your orders.
Why settle for a smaller screen when you can now enjoy an optimized experience on your iPad?

The GoodBarber Shop Companion App for iPad is available for download on the Apple App Store.

You asked for it and we listened! 
While our Shopping Apps are designed to offer you the best admin interface possible for you to manage your shop, we understand that when it's time to manage all your orders, especially if you're working in a fast environment like a restaurant, you don't want to go to your back office to get it done. 

This is why we created My GoodBarber Shop Companion. A brand new app that allows you to manage all orders directly from your smartphone. No need to connect to your back office. Your management tool is in your pocket!.  


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GoodBarber eCommerce app: reward your customers and increase sales with a loyalty program

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Thursday 4 May 2023

Building loyalty takes time, but one thing is certain: people are more loyal to stores that reward them. What could be better than getting compensated for a product you would buy anyway? A loyalty program is one of the easiest customer retention tools you could implement. It is a marketing tactic to get and keep customers returning to your store by providing them discounts. And there are also benefits for you!

We're happy to announce the release of the Loyalty Program Extension for GoodBarber eCommerce apps. 
Read on to learn the benefits of offering a Loyalty Program and how to set this new feature in your app. 

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What's new at GoodBarber? April 2023

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Wednesday 3 May 2023

This month we are pleased to release a new feature that will delight eCommerce app owners: the loyalty program . You can increase your sales and revenues by offering your customers to reward them for their loyalty. From your back office, you can set the loyalty card you will offer to your customers and the reward they will get. 

You will find below the summary of the developments and updates made during the month of April 2023:

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A new way to manage the icons of your apps

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Tuesday 2 May 2023

We recently released new Material icons to update the design of your app. To take this design update even further, you can now customize certain icons directly from the editing panel of your app without having to modify the JSON, an advanced feature extension.
All can be done from a single panel. You are now able to modify in one go all the icons of your app. 

Note: this feature is available on Content Apps only.

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Mobile app reseller: which offer to choose?

Written by Ghjuvan Simeoni  on  Friday 28 April 2023

The reseller program allows you to create an unlimited number of apps with GoodBarber. The management of the apps is facilitated by access to the reseller dashboard, which allows you to visualize all the projects of the reseller agency as well as the publication status on the different platforms. Indeed, with GoodBarber's reseller program, each app created within your agency can be published on 3 different publishing platforms: the web, with a Progressive Web App, the Google Play Store with a native Android app and the App Store, with a native iOS app. This gives you all the latitude you need to convince your customers by offering them an app available on the most known and most frequented platforms by users today.

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GoodBarber eCommerce app: a new feature for the In Store Pickup extension

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 26 April 2023

Exciting news for all our eCommerce clients! We're thrilled to announce the addition of new options to our already convenient In-Store pickup extension. You can benefit from these new options, while your customers can now enjoy an even more seamless shopping experience.

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Should I invest in a PWA in 2023 ?

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 19 April 2023

The last few years have been stellar for the growth of mobile phones. The mobile penetration in the world has been excellent, and the number of mobile internet subscribers reached 4.2 billion people globally (Source: GSMA ). With this tremendous growth, the demand for exceptional websites and mobile applications also skyrocketed. 

However, a large number of websites simply lack the features to provide a favorable user experience on a mobile device. The problems include a heavy website taking longer to load, unresponsive pages, unfriendly mobile navigation, and elements not being optimized for touch. In fact, users hate slow websites so much that over 53% of visits are abandoned if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load (Source: Google ).

Since conventional websites are still struggling to keep up with the changing industry, and native mobile application development is still considered an additional business cost by many, there exists a solution that provides all necessary features without requiring much development cost and time — Progressive Web App.

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iOS 16.4 and Web Push Notifications

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Friday 14 April 2023

Since the very first iPhone, users have had the ability to create shortcuts to progressive web apps on their homescreens that resemble app icons. Progressive Web Apps, also known as PWAs, offer a unique way to access websites and their services without having to install a dedicated app. This means they don't take up a ton of storage space on your phone, making it easy to quickly visit your favorite sites that don't have an app. However, even though iOS has allowed users to make and use web apps for a while now, they're not perfect. indeed, until now, web apps were unable to receive notifications or display notification badges. This limitation is now over with the release of iOS and iPadOS 16.4.

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Apps for Beginners - our Ultimate Guide to make Beautiful Apps

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Thursday 13 April 2023

With our experience working alongside clients to help make their app a success we’ve gathered, over the course of the past few years, some valuable insight about what goes into creating an app, and not just from the technical point of view. Because, although app building is at the core of our product, we’ve always believed that the value of an app goes well beyond its creation and even into what comes before.

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You may want to create an app for the first time: our advice!

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Friday 7 April 2023

Considering creating a mobile application for the first time? Wondering where to start? Here are some of the basics you’ll want to cover before getting started on your project.

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What's new at GoodBarber? March 2023

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Wednesday 5 April 2023

This month we introduce a design update to improve the look of your app: a new collection of Material icons . These icons are available for both content and e-commerce apps.

With this collection, we add more than 2200 icons in 4 different styles, offering a total library of more than 8000 icons. There is something for everyone and you are bound to find something to illustrate the sections and features of your apps! 

You will find below the summary of the developments and updates made during the month of March 2023:

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New Terms and Conditions templates for content apps

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Friday 31 March 2023

In a recent post, we covered Google's new requirements regarding the Data Safety questionnaire. In this article, we also spoke about the fact that, following these requirements, apps that use comments must have set their Terms of Service. Their end users should accept them before being able to comment. 
To help you with writing your Terms of Service, we create new templates, available directly in your app back office. 

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The Rise of Tourism Apps

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 29 March 2023

How mobile apps are transforming the travel and tourism industry?

We say it day in and day out. Mobile phones are a major part of our daily lives. While there's no doubt that the mobile market is growing, it's becoming more of a challenge to make a dent in the market. This problematic is true across markets, but what of the tourism business in particular? What should be your strategy if you have a concept for a tourism app? As for technology, what are the tools you should consider to adapt your business to mobile and meet the expectations of today's consumers?

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Resellers: how to sell a News app?

Written by Ghjuvan Simeoni  on  Friday 24 March 2023

Using GoodBarber, a no-code mobile app creation platform, resellers can target many types of customers. Today, we'll see how you can sell a "News" app to a newspaper or online media, for example.
While users spend on average 4 hours a day on their smartphones (sometimes more), having an app, for a newspaper or an online media, is almost a must. An app is an essential tool to continue to inform and maintain a connection with its readers. As such, a mobile app is an essential extension of existing print or web formats to continue to inform and be read.
Today we will see how GoodBarber can help you meet the demand of newspapers, media, and content publishers who want to offer a unique experience to their users with a mobile news app.

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GoodBarber apps for women, by women: spotlight on the Pretty Deadly App

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 22 March 2023

As March celebrates Women's History Month, we decided to focus on women among our clients. Our newsletter features the success story of Kristina Braly, a physician and lifestyle influencer who found the perfect complement to her YouTube channel and blog with her app KBHD.
Today, we're putting the spotlight on another success story: the Pretty Deadly App, a self-defense app for women. 

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Design update: a new template for content categories

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Monday 20 March 2023

With this new template, we wanted to update a transversal element of our apps: the multi-categories. This element can be displayed in all list templates of all content types.
This Tags template will greatly contribute to upgrading the visual of your app, giving a modern and trendy vibe. Perfect for news apps, podcasts, travel guides, etc...

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Design update: A new navigation in map view

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Friday 17 March 2023

And we are back again with a new template for the popular map section. This section is going through a beautiful makeover with all these new updates :) 

This time, you can now display a summary of your locations in the map view with a slider. 

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Design update: more than 8600 new material icons

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Monday 13 March 2023

Today, we're releasing another design update that will allow you to modernize the look of your app even more: a new material icons library. These icons are available both for content apps and eCommerce apps.
With this new collection of icons, we're adding more than 2200 new icons in 4 different styles, giving you a library of over 8000 icons altogether.

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Design update: a new Split View map template

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Monday 6 March 2023

And another design update for the Map section!
With this template, we complete the redesign of the map section, one of the most popular sections in GoodBarber. This template will be exclusively available on mobile
Here we're offering a Split-view template as you can already see on Google Maps. 

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Best practices for using a no-code app builder to create your mobile app

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Monday 6 March 2023

Start building your app

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Why update Google Play's Data safety section for your app?

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Thursday 2 March 2023

In 2021, Google announced additional details for the Data safety section on Google Play. Developers are now required to tell Google about their apps' privacy and security practices by completing a form in Play Console. This information will be shown on your app's Store Listing to help Google Play users understand how your app collects and shares user data before they download.
By 20 July 2022, all developers must declare how they collect and handle user data for the apps that they publish on Google Play and provide details about how they protect this data through security practices. 

By not following these guidelines, you will find yourself at risk of having your app removed from the Play Store.

Note: if you have subscribed to the GoodBarber Takes Care service, no worries. If you receive this type of email, simply open a ticket with our support team who will handle this for you

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What's new at GoodBarber? February 2023

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Wednesday 1 March 2023

This month we are proud to introduce a brand new navigation mode: the Floating TabBar. It is a new and trendy version of the popular TabBar navigation mode. The TabBar is very popular because it follows the "thumb rule of design" and is very intuitive. The essential screens and pages of an app should be within the user's thumb reach. The TabBar places the essential sections of the app within the user's thumb's reach, improving convenience and accessibility. The floating version will bring a modern touch to the overall look of your app.
Below is a summary of the developments and updates made during the month of February 2023:

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