Set up double opt-in in your GoodBarber app

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Tuesday 21 June 2022

Email marketing, or digital marketing in general, is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience and extend your customer base around the world. Depending on your offer, you can have customers all over the world while running your business from Europe.
All countries have their own data regulations and laws that must be understood and upheld. Failure to do so could result in serious fines. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) represents these laws for the European Union.
However, individual courts within these countries, such as Germany, have their own legal interpretations. 

Having an opt-in option and more specifically Double opt-in is one of the ways to ensure you receive consent from your users to send communications to them. The double opt-in is now available on your GoodBarber apps.

It is by no means legal advice and does not pretend to represent itself as such. You should always talk to your own legal counsel before determining your corporate direction.

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Offer a Live chat support to your users with

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Friday 17 June 2022

In one of our previous articles, we spoke about the importance of offering a great customer experience in eCommerce   and how one of the main factors to satisfy your clients is providing great support. 
Offering chat support in your app is convenient for your customers, helping them through pain points and as a result helping you create the best customer experience and higher conversions.

Now, thanks to our latest extension, , you will be able to add live chat to your GoodBarber app. 

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Coral Hill Church App: the most accessible way to communicate with their congregation

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 15 June 2022

Coral Hill church is located 5 miles outside of Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky, in what is known as the Southern bible belt. The church was founded by 12 individuals over a hundred years ago – around 1904. Although it is located outside of town, 400 people come every Sunday to worship at the church, an anomaly, as most modern congregations are in the middle of town. The congregation sees themselves as neither modern nor traditional but rather in-between the two. It is a blue-collar congregation, aspiring to be multi-cultural, and open-minded in everything they do. Missions are very important to the church – often sending out people not just to stay active locally in their community, but also globally, following the church’s foundational principals – continuing to expand God’s kingdom wherever they go.


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Who are GoodBarber App Resellers?

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Tuesday 14 June 2022

With the GoodBarber Reseller Program , you can create as many apps as you want. You benefit from a No-Code technology to create and publish apps on both the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store, as well as on the web using a Progressive Web App (PWA).
You wonder if you would be able to sell apps? Or maybe, you would like to benefit from the unlimited offer to create several apps for your company?
Here are the profiles of our reseller customers, you will surely find yourself among them.

But first of all, what is an app reseller and what does it do ?

A mobile app reseller is a person or a business company using an app builder or a development service to create and sell mobile apps to their customers under a new brand (reseller's brand) or a "White Label" brand that will be filled by the reseller's customers. 

To answer the question "Who is an app reseller within GoodBarber's program" and who is eligible to become an app reseller, we can start describing two main categories of usage of the App Reseller Program that we have identified through GoodBarber's customer base:

  • ​​You're launching your app reselling company
  • You are a Web Agency
  • You are a Marketing Agency
  • You are a multi-entrepreneur
  • You are a salaried employee and you want to earn extra money
  • You are a multi-activity company
  • You are an international company
  • You are an Administration

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How to create an app for my AirBnB rental?

Written by Angelina Casanova  on  Friday 10 June 2022

Many sectors of activity have been affected by the health crisis, and tourism has not been spared. Nevertheless, the market is trying to revive its activity little by little: The offer is adapting more and more to the novelties in order to meet high demand, especially by turning to new technologies, which have nowadays a determining place in the tourism field. The sector is modernizing and 89% of travelers plan their trips through digital means according to a study. That's why creating a tourism app is an ideal solution to promote your business and boost your activity.


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How to turn your WordPress site into a mobile app

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Thursday 9 June 2022

With the majority of people nowadays browsing the web on their smartphones and tablets, responsive web design is a must. However, even with a responsive website, you can't compare the quality of the on-the-go User Experience to the one of a mobile app.
Fortunately, if you're a WordPress user, converting your site into a mobile app is easier than you may think. Thanks to plugins and especially the GoodBarber plugin for WordPress, you can quickly provide your users with a superior mobile experience. 

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How to choose your App Reseller platform

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Thursday 9 June 2022

If you decide to start creating and reselling mobile apps, you'll need to choose the tool to create them. Nowadays, with No-Code app building platforms , you don't have to code your apps from scratch. This is a very interesting opportunity for entrepreneurs or agencies that don't have the capabilities to code mobile apps. And even for developers, going through a no-code tool will save precious time for the creation of apps.

Here is some criteria to help you evaluate your future Reseller app builder:

1. First impressions and onboarding
2. The app builder tool
3. Features
4. Customization and developer tools
5. White label apps
6. Support and assistance
7. Marketing tools

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What's new at GoodBarber? May 2022

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Wednesday 1 June 2022

You will find below the summary of improvements and updates made during the month of May 2022:

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How to choose the right colors for your mobile app

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Monday 23 May 2022

The use of colors in marketing relies on the science according to which colors can influence consumer behavior. And the color trends every year tend to represent the general mood or vibe of what's going on around the world. 
This year is no exception with Pantone revealing Very Peri as the color of 2022.

This inquisitive and intriguing color reflects the transformative times we're living in. After almost two years of isolation and restriction, our ways of life are changing. As Pantone puts it "our physical and digital lives have merged in new ways." Digital design and colors reflect these changes. 

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How to manage access rights to the Back Office - App Reseller Business (part 4)

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Thursday 19 May 2022

This is the last episode of our App Reseller Business  tutorials series. In this 4th part, we will see how to give your clients access to the back office of their app.

Go to the back office of the application you want to use. Go to "Settings" and select the "Team" menu. Here you can see who has access to the back office of this app. Then go to "New team member".

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How to manage your customer apps - App Reseller Business (part 3)

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Thursday 19 May 2022

This is the 3rd episode of our App Reseller Business  tutorials series. In this part, we will discover how to manage, create and import apps in your dashboard. 

In the Apps menu, you can manage your existing applications and add new ones. By default, the only app created in your account is your Alpha application (See Video 1 ).

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How to set the White Label option - App Reseller Business (part 2)

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Thursday 19 May 2022

Here is the 2nd episode of our App Reseller Business tutorials series.
In this part, you will learn how to take advantage of the White Label option and transform the back office to your own brand colors. You will be able to change the default URL of your projects, as well as the icons. In addition, you will be able to go further in customization, changing the package name of all the applications in your dashboard. Finally, you will see how to add your team members to the dashboard.

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How to Startup and Set an App Reseller Account - App Reseller Business (part 1)

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Thursday 19 May 2022

Today's video tutorial is dedicated to a very special group of users: App Resellers.
The App Reseller Program  is dedicated to those people who want start and run a business creating and selling apps to customers.
This is the first video in a series dedicated to App Reseller Business.

Here, the suite: 

Video 2 - White Label
Video 3 - Managing your Apps
Video 4 - Client access to the back office

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Reuniplans: a digital tourism guide

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 18 May 2022

For this month's Sucess Story, we chose to put the focus on PWAs. Reuniplans is a Progressive Web App that helped bring a traditional tourist guide to the digital era. Thanks to this solution, Frederic Antiste combined the benefit of both the web and mobile apps. 
Read the full story below..

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What's new at GoodBarber? April 2022

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Thursday 12 May 2022

This month we present a new feature that will delight content creators who want to monetize their apps. A few weeks ago we announced the release of In-App Purchases, which allow you to sell your app's content in the form of subscriptions. Your users could then pay a subscription to access your content or a part of your content.

Today, we offer you a new possibility to take into account in your monetization strategy: remove ads from your app in exchange for a subscription. This is an extremely well-known and popular strategy among app creators, so think about it! 

You will find below the summary of improvements and updates made during the month of April 2022:

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Offer ads-free content to your subscribers

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Monday 2 May 2022

A subscription-based model is just one of the revenue models that have become an increasingly popular strategy for monetizing apps, in which users subscribe and pay a regular monthly fee for access to exclusive content on the app.
This has proven to be a successful strategy for some newspapers , for example.  On the other hand, apps offering a subscription model have to continually improve their offering either with new content or new perks, to retain their users.

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How to connect a Square POS to your GoodBarber App

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 27 April 2022

When running an online store, the payment gateway you choose to accept payments will have an impact on your sales. 
While GoodBarber offers a smooth checkout process with several options such as Apple Pay, PayPal, and offline payment to name a few, some merchants choose the Square POS system  as a complement. Square offers powerful features for store owners and hardware for brick-and-mortar stores. 

We're often asked how to connect a GoodBarber eCommerce app to Square. You have 2 options:
1. Connect your GoodBarber app to a Square POS with GoodBarber Service+
2. Connect your GoodBarber app to Square with Make

But first, let's go over a few details about Square.

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How to create city and tourism apps ?

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Monday 25 April 2022

So long cumbersome paper maps ! These days, to explore cities and to go sightseeing, everything fits inside an app.

On top of their pocket-format,  a Travel app provide valuable information so that the user can plan his travel arrangements, places to visit, what to do in a particular place or situation, etc.

You may have already wondered about how to make an app, and thought it would be a hard process. However, with this guide you are just one step away from creating an app for the travel enthusiast, accessible across devices, using GoodBarber. 

Just one information before we get started, being a free spirit, my City Muse for the day will be Portland.

But of course, you are free to apply all the tips you'll find here to any city, region or location.

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Agrodana: a brokerage firm establishes its leadership thanks to an app

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Wednesday 13 April 2022

Today, we're presenting you with the Agrodana App, which helped a brokerage firm in Indonesia establish its leadership in its market. 

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What's new at GoodBarber? March 2022

Written by Mathieu Fancello  on  Wednesday 6 April 2022

This month in addition to having totally redesigned the image of GoodBarber, we've launched a new concept that will personalize your app: The Extensions Store .

It gathers a large catalog of features that you can add to your app according to your needs. And as we know you're very curious and on the lookout for new features, we added a special something for you: you will find in the Extension Store extensions labeled "GoodBarber Lab". These are in fact features that our teams are studying or working on! If you are interested in them, just ask to be notified of the release of one of these features. 

You will find below the summary of the improvements and updates made during the month of March 2022

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Why installment payments are right for your eCommerce app?

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Thursday 31 March 2022

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is becoming more popular, thanks to the seismic shift the retail industry has experienced over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As a result of movement restrictions and lockdowns, changes in consumers’ financial circumstances, and new regulations retailers have to follow, customer behavior has changed. 

The impact is apparent in every aspect of consumer behavior — from what and how they buy to how they pay. For many retailers, customers have gone from a fairly predictable demographic to more of a moving target. 

BNPL is a magnet that you can use to attract customers to your e-commerce business. And since revenues have become more uncertain, retailers are looking for new and creative ways to attract customers. Let’s look at the advantages of offering this type of payment plan to your audience.

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Resellers: how to sell an app to a physical store?

Written by Christophe Spinetti  on  Friday 25 March 2022

When we think of an eCommerce app , we first think of selling to pure-players (companies that will sell only online). But as a GoodBarber Reseller, you are often anchored and active in your geographical area. That's why with GoodBarber eCommerce solutions, you can prospect all types of shops in your area to offer them an eCommerce app.

1/ Which target to reach?
2/ Which features to highlight?
3/ What points to use to sell an app to a physical store?

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Create content to increase your online store visibility

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Friday 18 March 2022

Content marketing is a proven strategy to raise awareness for your brand and bring traffic to your online store.
Creating and publishing information for your clients will build trust and authority amongst your target audience, build relationships and community around your brand, therefore increase engagements and ultimately boosting sales. 

To help you implement your content marketing strategy, we've added a few new features to your eCommerce apps. 

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VetsApp : an app to support US veterans with all their needs

Written by Marie Pireddu  on  Friday 11 March 2022

Today. we're presenting you with a very special app: VetsApp. This app provides a much-needed support to US veterans by giving them a secure, streamlined access to VA services as well as a community.


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