How to make an app in 7 easy steps ?

Written by on Monday, January 11th 2021

Today the mobile app market is expanding rapidly as our society relies increasingly on smartphones and digital technology. 

According to Statista in 2017, 178 million apps were downloaded, and this number is set to reach 258 billion by 2022. There’s clearly a high demand for apps, which renders the mobile market highly competitive.

But it’s not easy to create an app. Mobile app development takes time, expertise, and is usually expensive. Often people make the mistake of diving straight in instead of taking the time to analyze their ideas and understand the different steps necessary to build a successful app. 

Whether you want to create an app to complement your website, to reach a new audience for your business or simply have a great idea for a new app, in this article we will explore each step starting from your app ideas to the publication and upkeep of your app.  

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Resellers: Why it is essential to create Demo Apps

Written by on Friday, January 8th 2021

There are 2 types of Apps with GoodBarber: Shopping Apps and Content Apps. In all, GoodBarber offers over 500 features and new ones are released regularly. With a GoodBarber Reseller subscription, you can create unlimited Apps, and therefore, you can create as many demo apps as you want. 

Now, this is why creating demo apps is good practice.

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What's new at GoodBarber? December 2020

Written by on Wednesday, January 6th 2021

That's it 2021 is finally here! After this rather special year, the  GoodBarber team wishes you all the best for the coming year and of course a lot of success in your journey as an app creator! 

In December, we worked on a new Fast Checkout add-on. We created it to simplify the payment process and remove unnecessary steps for your clients. Depending on the shipping method activated in your shop, during the ordering process, your clients will only be asked to provide specific information about the chosen shipping method. No more time wasted filling in unnecessary details! 

You'll find below a summary of the improvements and updates made during the month of December 2020

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How to publish your app on Google Play and the App Store?

Written by on Monday, January 4th 2021

Google Play and the Apple App Store are by far the two largest platforms to distribute and promote apps. In order to avoid any issues and possible rejections, your applications should be built following the specific requirements of each of those Stores.

If you are ready to publish, chances are you already built and tested your app. 
Testing an exact copy of your app (called the AdHoc version), in the same version as the one which will be released on the stores, is a very important step you shouldn’t overlook. If you are using GoodBarber, you will find in your back office dedicated online helps to generate the AdHoc version, for both the iOS and the Android version of your app.

This article will provide an overview of the steps to follow to successfully publish your Android and iOS app.

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Happy New Year!

Written by on Friday, January 1st 2021

Happy New Year from all of us at GoodBarber. 
All our best wishes for 2021 :)

Pace e Salute!

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You can now add a Form to your Shopping App

Written by on Monday, December 28th 2020

Already available in the Classic App, the Contact Form is now available for your Shopping App. 

This great tool is the perfect way to interact with your clients. 


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The Developer Tool add-on now available in Shopping Apps

Written by on Monday, December 28th 2020

This popular add-on on our Classic platform is now available for Shopping Apps! 

With the JSON add-on, you can access hidden settings as well as personalize your app even more. 
It is also a great feature for Resellers wanting to offer more options to their clients.

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2020, A GoodBarber year in review

Written by on Wednesday, December 23rd 2020

What a year, right?

The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the main events that made 2020 a year like no other. 
It changed our way of working as we knew it.
It took its toll on many communities and small businesses.
Being present on digital channels has proven to be a must for these businesses. 

2020 has been a year of unprecedented changes and challenges. But we remain optimistic. We've seen the people helping people. Businesses stepping up and even grow. 

As we are a few days away from leaving 2020 behind, we take a moment to look at GoodBarber's key moments. 


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Optimize your checkout process with the Fast Checkout add-on

Written by on Wednesday, December 16th 2020

For your Shopping App, as for any online shop, the checkout is one of the most important steps. How smooth (or not) the buyer experience is at this moment will determine if your potential client finalizes the purchase or not. 

When you know that the average cart abandonment rate is 69.57%, you'll want to optimize your checkout page. Lucky for you, GoodBarber is always looking for ways to enhance your shopping app.
In addition to already existing optimization features such as one-click payment, quick-buy button, we have now released the Fast Checkout add-on. 


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Your client's developer accounts vs. your own

Written by on Friday, December 11th 2020

Article originally published 07/10/2017.

Agencies often wonder if they can use their own developer account to publish their clients' apps or if they should ask their clients to create their own accounts. Let's be clear right now, it is mandatory to use your clients' accounts to publish their apps. This may seem restrictive but these are clear rules enacted by Apple and Google for the management of their Stores. They want to be contractually bound to the owner of the content, i.e. your client, not you.

More details on Apple guidelines
More details on Google Policies

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Increase your downloads with Facebook Install Ads

Written by on Friday, December 11th 2020

With an ever-growing app ecosystem, more than 5 million apps available between the two main platforms (Google Play and App Store), businesses are facing a new challenge. Not only do they need people to discover their app, but they have to target the right people. The right customers who will engage with their app over time. 
This is where Facebook comes into play. Thanks to its larger and more varied audience (nearly 2.5 billions users), it has proven to be a highly effective platform when looking into increasing app installs.

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App Store Connect Holiday: Dec 23 – 27

Written by on Tuesday, December 8th 2020

Each year, Apple suspends app reviews during the Christmas week. This year App Store Connect will not be accepting any submission from December 23 to 27 (Pacific Time).

Here are the different scenarios and see the impact of this announcement on your iOS submission.

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