Brenda Wokoma, Monday 22 January 2024

Best strategies to earn money with your content app

In the dynamic landscape of mobile applications, creators invest significant time and resources in developing innovative content apps, often with the expectation of turning their passion into a lucrative venture. While monetization is readily associated with e-commerce platforms, where revenue stems from the sale of goods, the potential for profit in the realm of content apps often goes overlooked. Many monetization strategies exist beyond the conventional app development model, offering app creators diverse avenues to generate income. 
Brenda Wokoma, Tuesday 16 January 2024

The fun world of GoodBarber apps for kids and parents

In the constantly evolving digital world, today's children are growing up surrounded by technologies that are redefining the way they learn, have fun, and share quality moments with their parents. Children's applications, true gems of educational innovation, open the way to a world where technology becomes an ally, facilitating playful learning, creativity, and sharing activities.
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 10 January 2024

What's new at GoodBarber ? December 2023

This month, we are delighted to announce the launch of a highly requested feature that adds a new dimension of customization to the home pages of your applications: the Text widget! Designed for eCommerce and content applications, the Text widget provides the freedom to add free-form text directly to the homepage of your application. Below you'll find a summary of developments and updates carried out during the month of December 2023:  
Muriel Santoni, Tuesday 9 January 2024

Infinite possibilities with the new Text widget

Many of you have requested the ability to add free-form text to the Home pages of your apps. This is now possible with the brand new Text widget! Available for eCommerce and content apps, it allows you to add text freely to the homepage of your application. It may seem simple, but do not underestimate the potential of this widget, which can have a myriad of uses! Whether it's for introducing yourself, presenting a section of your app, providing instructions, or simply for aesthetic reasons, it will serve you well. The Text widget allows you to add a title, body text, and even a redirection button. From the back office panel, you can set the alignment of your text, the color, size, and font of the title and body text, the color of links, and, of course, configure your button.
Brenda Wokoma, Monday 8 January 2024

What are the advantages of no-code App builders for developing your business?

Every month, thousands of people decide to take the plunge and develop their business on mobile. Before taking the plunge, they often wonder whether choosing an app builder is the right choice. At GoodBarber, we're convinced that it is.  In this article, I'm going to outline the main benefits of App Builder for developing your business based on findings from our database analysis.
Brenda Wokoma, Monday 1 January 2024

Happy New Year

Goodbye 2023 and welcome 2024 !  The GoodBarber team wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead. May your year be filled with joy, love and success.   
Ghjuvan Simeoni, Thursday 28 December 2023

Resellers: How to sell an app to manage appointments booking

As a no-code app builder, GoodBarber lets you create apps to manage appointment booking. This kind of feature can be very useful for a whole range of businesses, including hairdressers, barbers, beauty salons and so on. In this article, we present the features to be used for an appointment scheduling app and develop a sales pitch for GoodBarber resellers.
Brenda Wokoma, Friday 22 December 2023

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

The GoodBarber team wishes you a merry Christmas and warm wishes, enjoy your holidays with a good hot chocolate under a blanket ;)
Brenda Wokoma, Wednesday 20 December 2023

The very best of 2023

December 31st is approaching, and, as usual, it's time for a little recap of 2023's highlights. This year, as well as adding new features, we've expanded the templates catalog so that your apps will always be the most beautiful on the App Store and Google Play Store! Let's take a closer look at what the team has concocted for you over the past 12 months.
Brenda Wokoma, Monday 18 December 2023

Boost your audience with the Substack extension

The Substack extension offers an efficient solution for writers or bloggers who want to deliver their content directly to their application. This extension simplifies the newsletter distribution process by automating the generation and updating of Substack content on your app. This enables you to offer an optimal experience to your audience.  One of the key benefits of this extension is the automatic adaptation of the design of your Substack content to that of your application. This ensures not only perfect display, but also visual consistency that reinforces your application's identity. As a result, readers benefit from a harmonious experience, whether they consult your newsletter on Substack or directly via your application. This enables you to extend your reach and offer a consistent user experience to your audience.
Brenda Wokoma, Friday 15 December 2023

Boost your community with our must-have extensions!

When developing your application, creating and managing a community is a key element in the success of your project. By investing in the creation and management of a strong community, you're laying a solid foundation for a prosperous, long-lasting application. Indeed, you'll see that by using the right extensions, your GoodBarber app can become a real virtual space for your users to interact with you and each other, and become a true community. Let's take a step-by-step look at the extensions that can help you develop your community.
Muriel Santoni, Thursday 14 December 2023

Design Update: A new template for displaying your article lists

In line with the new template for presenting event lists, we are excited to introduce a brand-new template for showcasing your article lists. In addition to the existing templates, you can now use the Condensed Classic template, which offers a clear, modern, and highly intuitive design for your users. 
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 13 December 2023

What's new at GoodBarber? November 2023

This month we're bringing you a new extension that lets you display your Substack publications in an Article section of your app. A new design template is also available for your article lists!  Below you'll find a summary of developments and updates carried out during the month of November 2023:
Sergio Miranda Carvalho, Monday 11 December 2023

GoodBarber Android to the 14th power

GoodBarber's android app builder evolves following latest Android OS advances: new functionalities, new user experiences. Now compatible with Android 14.
Brenda Wokoma, Friday 1 December 2023

A new RSS feed extension: the RSS Podcast feed

With this latest extension, you can extend the reach of your audio content by making it available on external platforms.  With this option, distributing your podcasts on external platforms and sites becomes child's play, enabling you to reach a wider audience.
Muriel Santoni, Tuesday 28 November 2023

Design Update : Explore the new filters template for an exceptional navigation!

At GoodBarber, innovation is at the core of our mission, and we are thrilled to unveil our latest gem in app design: the Filters template, specially crafted for content categories. Inspired by filters found in today's leading apps, this new template offers a modern and elegant navigation experience, reminiscent of Netflix and Spotify.
Ghjuvan Simeoni, Friday 24 November 2023

Resellers: How to sell an app to a radio station

In this article, you'll find out how GoodBarber can help you sell an app to a radio station. Now it's much more convenient for end-users to have an app to listen to their favorite shows.
Muriel Santoni, Tuesday 14 November 2023

Memberships x Push Notifications: Optimize user engagement

We are delighted to present a feature that will revolutionize the way you interact with your users: push notifications associated with memberships. With GoodBarber, you already have the ability to offer memberships, in the form of subscriptions, to monetize your app's content. Now, we are taking it a step further by allowing you to target your users more precisely and effectively than ever before.
Mathieu Poli, Friday 3 November 2023

Advanced customization of GoodBarber apps

GoodBarber App Builder: advanced controls and customization. Get a look behind the scenes and find out how to enable some hidden features and controls.
Mathieu Poli, Wednesday 1 November 2023

What's new at GoodBarber? October 2023

This month, we are introducing a new feature that will elevate the experience of your new users to the next level! The step-by-step procedure. This is an essential strategy to integrate into your app. Integrated from the very first launch of your app, this guide warmly welcomes your new users and gently leads them through the various features of your application. Thanks to clear and visual instructions, users quickly discover the specifics of your interface and possible interactions, thereby reducing any friction or hesitation. Don't wait any longer to test this new feature and captivate your users from the very first seconds!   Below you'll find a summary of developments and updates carried out during the month of October 2023:  
Ghjuvan Simeoni, Friday 27 October 2023

How to promote an app?

Discover all the ways to promote your app and make it a success. After all, if creating your app with a no-code app builder is great, making your app a success is even better!
Muriel Santoni, Tuesday 24 October 2023

Design update: a new template for the details of your Map sections

It's with great excitement that we present to you today our brand new detail view template for the Map section: the ToolBar Up Classic Template. Modern, elegant and intuitive, it redefines the way you can present location details in your application. The ToolBar Up Classic Template stands out for its contemporary design and clever animation. As soon as you view the details of a location, you'll see the action buttons positioned at the top of the page, just below the title. However, what really makes this template special is the subtle animation that occurs when you scroll down the page. As you scroll down, the action buttons move to the bottom of the screen so that they remain within easy reach at all times.
Muriel Santoni, Thursday 19 October 2023

Design update: a new template for displaying your event lists

At GoodBarber, we're constantly listening to your needs and striving to offer you the best solutions for creating exceptional applications. That's why we're delighted to introduce our latest addition: the Classic template for event listings. Until now, there was only one template for displaying your events. Now you'll have the choice with this brand new template, which offers a modern and elegant way of displaying upcoming events.