Elena Debonis, Monday 25 September 2023

GoodBarber Apps for Specialized Magazines

Just as in many areas of communication and information, the magazine world has also made a significant transition from print publications to digital platforms in recent years.
Elena Debonis, Friday 18 August 2023

GoodBarber apps for culinary inspiration and food lovers

In today's fast-paced digital age, mobile apps have revolutionized how we approach culinary inspiration and cater to worldwide food enthusiasts. Food lovers now have the power to share their passion for gastronomy, whether through creating content-rich apps to share recipes and blogs or through establishing innovative shopping apps to sell food or kitchen products and offer delivery options. The versatility of mobile app development has opened doors for every food lover to showcase their creativity and engage with a global audience. In this article, we explore how anyone can unleash their culinary prowess and introduce you to some exciting applications created using the GoodBarber App Builder.
Marie Pireddu, Monday 17 July 2023

GoodBarber Apps to develop new skills

Mobile apps are one of the best tools for learning. They provide flexibility, allowing learners to access training offline and at their convenience. They also contribute to higher completion rates and engagement due to their interactive and engaging nature. Mobile apps are particularly appealing to millennials, who spend a significant amount of time on mobile devices. They are easy to update and can be adapted to various training needs.  Learn how to create an eLearning app thanks to our guide "How to create an app for online courses ".  And check out below  some of our clients' beautiful apps:
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 21 June 2023

GoodBarber Apps for Yoga and Wellness

The increasing demand for healthy lifestyle digital mentors caused by the covid-19 pandemic is one of the main drivers that boost health & wellness market growth. This goes hand in hand with health issues caused by hectic lifestyles, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and other stress-related disorders
Marie Pireddu, Thursday 25 May 2023

GoodBarber Apps for Fashion lovers

In today's digital era, fashion has become more than just a means of dressing—it has become a form of self-expression and creativity. Whether you're a fashion designer, a fashion enthusiast, or the owner of a fashion boutique, a mobile app is the perfect companion to your brand. Check out the beautiful apps created by our clients, bringing the latest trends and fashion recommendations right to your fingertips.  
Marie Pireddu, Monday 3 April 2023

GoodBarber Apps for Festivals and Events

Creating an app as an actor in the event industry offers several benefits. Firstly, it's an effective communication tool, enabling easy and direct interaction with your target audience. Additionally, apps have become ingrained in consumer habits, making them a highly recommended solution. Users appreciate intuitive interfaces that provide immersive experiences, in contrast to traditional communication methods like billboards. Furthermore, with an app, you have the opportunity to collect valuable user behavior data, enabling you to adapt your strategies accordingly and improve their performance. Lastly, an app serves as a centralized platform, consolidating all event or business-related information. This saves time for both you and your users, eliminating the need to input information on multiple platforms and providing users with quick and easy access to the information they seek. Follow our guide and learn how to create an app for an event. . Below, some examples of beautiful apps created by our clients.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 22 March 2023

GoodBarber apps for women, by women: spotlight on the Pretty Deadly App

As March celebrates Women's History Month, we decided to focus on women among our clients. Our newsletter features the success story of Kristina Braly, a physician and lifestyle influencer who found the perfect complement to her YouTube channel and blog with her app KBHD. Today, we're putting the spotlight on another success story: the Pretty Deadly App, a self-defense app for women. 
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 13 July 2022

Radio Ticino reaches a new audience with an app

Radio Ticino is a Swiss station created 25 years ago and based in the Southernmost canton of Ticino, Switzerland.  The region is Italian speaking, bordering Italy: Lugano being its most well-known town. Due to its location, the radio station broadcasts entirely in Italian and is committed to providing at least 30 minutes local-based content, in accordance with Swiss guidelines. The station is broadcast on FM bandwidth:  and at the end of 2024, the station will switch to DAB due to Switzerland turning off FM.    The station broadcasts its live radio show in real-time and has recently introduced a new TV channel that broadcasts videos in synchronization with the audio show. Also available are 18 channels with several different content styles: pop, gold, new hits, charme, rock, made in Italy, swiss music club, carnevale, movida, reggaeton Loco, Bravi Bimibi, Natale, Into the night, Non Ho L’Età, Lounge Cotn and A fine Jazz Gun Radio. Podcast content is also available with a wide variety of programming, ranging from topical news programs with journalists to daily horoscopes, to a cooking show.  
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 15 June 2022

Coral Hill Church App: the most accessible way to communicate with their congregation

Coral Hill church is located 5 miles outside of Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky, in what is known as the Southern bible belt. The church was founded by 12 individuals over a hundred years ago – around 1904. Although it is located outside of town, 400 people come every Sunday to worship at the church, an anomaly, as most modern congregations are in the middle of town. The congregation sees themselves as neither modern nor traditional but rather in-between the two. It is a blue-collar congregation, aspiring to be multi-cultural, and open-minded in everything they do. Missions are very important to the church – often sending out people not just to stay active locally in their community, but also globally, following the church’s foundational principals – continuing to expand God’s kingdom wherever they go.  
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 18 May 2022

Reuniplans: a digital tourism guide

For this month's Sucess Story, we chose to put the focus on PWAs. Reuniplans is a Progressive Web App that helped bring a traditional tourist guide to the digital era. Thanks to this solution, Frederic Antiste combined the benefit of both the web and mobile apps.  Read the full story below..
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 19 January 2022

Petit Signe, an educational app for babies

Today, we're presenting you an eLearning app specialized in language for babies and more particularly sign language.  Petit Signe is an app created with GoodBarber, using features designed for easily teaching skills to a wide range of learners.  To learn how to create an eLearning app, refer to this article
Marie Pireddu, Tuesday 21 December 2021

Marca Barcelona, a sports radio station broadcasting worldwide thanks to an app

Radio Marca Barcelona specializes in Sports and streams 24 hours a day. It is dedicated to offering its listeners in Spanish, the latest in sporting news, and live events. The station offers 26 different weekly programs with 32 different presenters, some with solo shows and others working together. They just covered the Olympics in Tokyo, and are the only station in Spain that covers all the Eurocup games. Additionally, they cover all La Liga (Spanish soccer league) games on the weekends in Spain and La Liga ACB Basketball games.  Their radio station broadcasts in over 170 countries, including the US, Argentina, Mexico all the way through South America, and even Asia.
Marie Pireddu, Wednesday 15 April 2020

How can an app help you support your community

First, as we continue with our 5th week of working from home, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy.  As the Covid-19 situation evolves worldwide, it has created new challenges for everyone. From working from home to social distancing, we all need to adapt.  It made it increasingly difficult for people to stay connected, even in an era of social media high.  Social distancing has also had a strong impact on small businesses and the local economy.  Small businesses are often major contributors to the heart of a community. But with the help of technology, we believe here at GoodBarber that an app can help you to recreate these connections and help your community at the same time. If you are still wondering about the cost of creating an app, you can find more info here You have the possibility to easily create different types of apps.
Muriel Santoni, Wednesday 7 August 2019

FlaminGo! App: Phuket in your pocket

Phuket is a renowned island in Thailand, which was in need of an app that gathered all the main attractions, beaches, restaurants and events not to miss during a visit. The app offers privileges such as discounts up to 25% in the best restaurants of the island.  Unlike other systems, the app doesn't take in considerations reviews or ratings in order to not influence the users. 
Muriel Santoni, Monday 17 December 2018

Block Island: a complete tourist guide, in an app.

Gathering all the information needed to discover Block Island is the idea that Rob Lucier and his nephew Will Gasner had. We are delighted that GoodBarber has enabled them to make their project a reality. We have the pleasure to present you this great app, as well as Rob's feedback on the features used and his experience with GoodBarber.
Written on Tuesday 23 February 2016

Barbichette: A Beautiful App for Men

When you look at Barbichette you can’t help but think that our paths were meant to cross at some point, right? We not only share a passion for moustache with this French Fashion, Lifestyle and Tech blog for Men, but also a passion for attention to detail and design. The Barbichette team shares the adventure of creating their first mobile app with us!
Written on Tuesday 26 January 2016

ForTwo, an App that finds activities, tailored for two

Last week we introduced ForTwo   as one of our Top 5 Beautiful Apps of 2015. It's also a clever app, one that allows you to find the right plan for your mood of the day, for two, in your city. We had the pleasure of interviewing Samuel Acera, CEO and co-founder of ForTwo. He explained to us the concept behind his app.
Written on Tuesday 19 January 2016

New Version of WebAdictos by GoodBarber

Today Daniel Medina, founder of Webadictos, tells us the story behind his app and its new look.   Two years ago we launched the app, WebAdictos, for iOS and Android  using the GoodBarber platform. Now, two years later, we are announcing an update thanks to a direct collaboration with the team at GoodBarber. They have helped us with everything relating to the technical and design-based aspects of the newest version.
Written on Tuesday 1 December 2015

The Before and After of an App, the Reinvention of WWWhatsnew

Today we present the evolution of the app from WWWhatsnew. The case of a success app that reinvents itself everyday in order to continue to surprise its users in the mobile world. WWWhatsnew started with GoodBarber Salvador and since then, the app has only continued to improve. Juan Diego Polo, founder of WWWhatsnew explains their history to us ;)
Written on Tuesday 3 November 2015

Tom's Hardware Italia, an App for tech enthusiasts

​Hello GoodBarbers, Today I’m very happy to introduce to all of you a Beautiful App coming straight from Italy: Tom’s Hardware Italia. A mobile application every ‘technology addict’ should have in their smartphone. Check out our interview below with Bruno Gulotta, Sales & Marketing Manager of Tom’s Hardware Italy, who explained to us how the project came to be.
Written on Tuesday 27 October 2015

Fesch Museum in Ajaccio, an app by GoodBarber

If you are familiar with GoodBarber you probably know by now how attached we are to our Corsican heritage. It is therefore with great honor that we introduce today the showcase of the Fesch Museum App. A cultural symbol of our city which has now gone mobile thanks to a great collaboration, the details of which Alexandre Vican, in charge of Digital Development for CAPA, was willing to share with you.