Written on Tuesday 26 January 2016

ForTwo, an App that finds activities, tailored for two

Last week we introduced ForTwo   as one of our Top 5 Beautiful Apps of 2015. It's also a clever app, one that allows you to find the right plan for your mood of the day, for two, in your city. We had the pleasure of interviewing Samuel Acera, CEO and co-founder of ForTwo. He explained to us the concept behind his app.
Written on Tuesday 19 January 2016

New Version of WebAdictos by GoodBarber

Today Daniel Medina, founder of Webadictos, tells us the story behind his app and its new look.   Two years ago we launched the app, WebAdictos, for iOS and Android  using the GoodBarber platform. Now, two years later, we are announcing an update thanks to a direct collaboration with the team at GoodBarber. They have helped us with everything relating to the technical and design-based aspects of the newest version.
Written on Tuesday 1 December 2015

The Before and After of an App, the Reinvention of WWWhatsnew

Today we present the evolution of the app from WWWhatsnew. The case of a success app that reinvents itself everyday in order to continue to surprise its users in the mobile world. WWWhatsnew started with GoodBarber Salvador and since then, the app has only continued to improve. Juan Diego Polo, founder of WWWhatsnew explains their history to us ;)
Written on Tuesday 3 November 2015

Tom's Hardware Italia, an App for tech enthusiasts

​Hello GoodBarbers, Today I’m very happy to introduce to all of you a Beautiful App coming straight from Italy: Tom’s Hardware Italia. A mobile application every ‘technology addict’ should have in their smartphone. Check out our interview below with Bruno Gulotta, Sales & Marketing Manager of Tom’s Hardware Italy, who explained to us how the project came to be.
Written on Tuesday 27 October 2015

Fesch Museum in Ajaccio, an app by GoodBarber

If you are familiar with GoodBarber you probably know by now how attached we are to our Corsican heritage. It is therefore with great honor that we introduce today the showcase of the Fesch Museum App. A cultural symbol of our city which has now gone mobile thanks to a great collaboration, the details of which Alexandre Vican, in charge of Digital Development for CAPA, was willing to share with you.
Written on Tuesday 22 September 2015

LunchBOX: waxing made glamorous with a Beautiful App

Hello GoodBarbers! Today, we are showcasing an app which caught our eye in many ways. But, first, its really their icon which got us wondering what LunchBOX could be about. When we found out, we thought it was the perfect combination of fun and clever and felt we had to share it here.  
Written on Tuesday 8 September 2015

TV Guará: the Mobile TV Channel!

Hello GoodBarbers, Today we are live from Guará, Brasil to introduce you to a local Brazilian TV channel's excellent live streaming video app. TV Guará is a project founded by Sérgio Salomão with the purpose of broadcasting the Guará region's local news, as well as national and international news for all of the region's inhabitants. The project is divided into two main platforms: a website and a native app, available for both Android and iOS. Today I would like to focus on the app, and the big question is: 
Written on Tuesday 11 August 2015

"Angolo del diabetico": how an app can help you!

3 million Italians are affected by diabetes. I would like to talk to you about an innovative and cutting edge app that has the goal of improving the lives of these people and helping them with daily management and prevention. I contacted the creator of this app to tell me more about this project...
Dumè Siacci, Saturday 11 April 2015

Forza Bastia !

Tonight there is the final of the french soccer league's cup, between the Sporting Club of Bastia, and the Paris Saint-Germain. If you know a little about us, you probably know that we're based in Corsica, not so far from Bastia ... Several members of the team are on their way to Paris and the Stade de France to attend the final :) FORZA BASTIA !
Written on Friday 13 February 2015

Hiper FM - The Radio App that Boosts your Mood

GoodBarber on AIR!  Today we are synching our showcase to a radio that is boosting the moods of young listeners all across Portugal. Hiper FM is a special radio that not only broadcasts pop and rock music, but also provides content about the entertainment industry and brightens the lives of its listeners on a daily basis! Let's turn the station to Hiper FM team's interview and find out what they had to say about their GoodBarber app! 
Written on Friday 8 August 2014

Bien Pensado - The Latest Marketing Resources: Anytime, Anywhere

Today we spoke to David Gomez, Director of Bien Pensado, a Colombian company that provides information and marketing resources for SMEs. Author of El día que David venció a Goliat  (The day David defeated Goliath) and Facebook Toolbox.
Written on Thursday 13 March 2014

GoodBarber News : Showcases and more

Hi GoodBarbers! I'm so happy today because a lot of new things are happening here at GoodBarber. I can't reveal more, but something is coming up. Remember to download the app "GoodBarber News" to stay up to date with our latest news. :D
Written on Thursday 28 November 2013

Súmate al Éxito: A beautiful app for a web TV

Súmate al Éxito is a web magazine based in Peru for entrepreneurs. In its web site, you can find informations about marketing, entrepreneurship, business, etc. You will find a lot of videos and articles about this subjects .  We let you discover this application with our showcase :)
Dumè Siacci, Thursday 7 November 2013

Showcase: Vineyard App

An other beautiful app created with GoodBarber. We love to see how our users can make such great apps with the product! Look at this showcase, and go to download the app :)
Dumè Siacci, Thursday 5 September 2013

Showcase: La Lettre Pro de la Radio

Philippe and the Editions HF team have been one of our first customers. La Lettre Pro de la Radio was the second app online just after the release of GoodBarber 2. He is also the host of Le Radio, a great event about the radio world in Paris. Remember, that's where we won the On'R prize :) Look at this showcase and go to download this app!