Fesch Museum in Ajaccio, an app by GoodBarber


If you are familiar with GoodBarber you probably know by now how attached we are to our Corsican heritage. It is therefore with great honor that we introduce today the showcase of the Fesch Museum App. A cultural symbol of our city which has now gone mobile thanks to a great collaboration, the details of which Alexandre Vican, in charge of Digital Development for CAPA, was willing to share with you.

What was the starting point for the project?

The project falls under CAPA’s strategy to develop digital tools for museums. At the Fesch Museum in Ajaccio there was a crucial need to better accompany visitors since there were no guides or audioguides. The objective was therefore to create a mobile app to help throughout the visit, inside the Museum, plus, to provide a virtual visit, outside the Museum.

After several meetings with the Museum team we decided on a first version of the app which made content (photos, texts, audio) available around the majors works of art. The idea is to evolve progressively, enrich the content, and why not duplicate it in the future for more specific uses (such as an app dedicated to kids with targeted content, games…)

You recently released the second version of your app. What were the evolutions?

Version 1.0 of the app was released early July 2015 on the stores (Apple and Android). This version provides general content about the Museum (its history for instance) as well as content revolving around 20 major works of art. The content was only available in French. With version 2.0, released in September 2015, we’ve introduced two major new features.

The first thing is that the content is now also available in Corsican. The second improvement is that the app is now iBeacons compliant, which means that content launches automatically along the visitor’s path inside the Museum. This was made possible through the set up of iBeacons within the Museum, near each of the 20 works of art. They emit a bluetooth signal which, when picked up by the app, dictates that a given content be displayed.

Why did you choose GoodBarber?

Because we wanted to stay in charge of the app development over time we decide to develop it internally, but using the GoodBarber app builder! A DIY tool provided by a Corsican company: what more could we ask for? 

What are the strong points of this project?

This project is rewarding for everyone involved, the CAPA, the city, the Museum, CampusPlex and GoodBarber. The result is a pleasant, well put together, user friendly app, and above all, useful to visitors. It’s a success. What’s more, it’s "state-of-the-art". Very few Corsican Museums have an app with such features. And iBeacons usage isn’t widespread throughout Museums in general either, that makes us pioneers!