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Nomadic content

By distributing your travel tips on an App, you allow your readers to access them at any time and in any condition since they are on an object they always have with them: their phones. More practical and less cumbersome than a paper guide, your app fits in a pocket. This is an important criteria for your nomadic readers who will want to carry as little as possible for their trips and excursions. Your app is your thousands of tips and recommendations with no clutter and no constraints.

Accessible offline

Travelling can mean a poor or no network connection. Don't panic, the content of your app can be accessible offline, meaning with a weak or even no Internet connection. The caching system of the app's elements is optimized to guarantee an optimal functioning of the app even with a bad connection. On top of that, your contents are stored directly on your native apps, so they are fully accessible offline.

The promise of an always up-to-date guide

Free yourself from the constraints of paper and take advantage of the facilities offered by digital technology

Instantly publish to your app

Having up-to-date information is the number one concern of travelers. With an app, you won't have to worry about printing a new version of your guide. With every change, restaurant closing or opening, new museum rates, new review on an establishment... you can update your content easily and instantly. All you have to do is edit your content in your back office and publish it. Your readers will then be able to enjoy your freshly edited tips. This is the best way to be responsive and to give 100% reliable information.

A true editorial tool

Use a powerful back office that allows you to manage your content like a pro

All types of content

Thanks to the GoodBarber CMS, you can create directly from your back office any type of content to enrich your travel guide: articles, videos, sounds, photos, agenda, and of course geolocalized maps to present your favorite places and events. Everything is at your disposal to allow you to create a travel guide as exhaustive and descriptive as you wish.

Different publication statuses

For each content you create, you can choose its publication status: Published, In Stock or Draft. And you know how useful this kind of option is when you write as much content as for a travel guide. You also have the possibility to schedule your publication ahead of time. A good way to get a head start on writing your content.

Easy content management

The GoodBarber back office is designed and optimized to save you a maximum of time. You can consult your content from a dedicated page. Smart filters have been integrated to allow you to easily find the content you are looking for. You can also manage your content in batches, especially in terms of publication status.

Editorial team

Are there several of you contributing to the writing of your travel guide? No problem. You can set up your editorial team from your back office to give access to your collaborators. You can add an unlimited number of contributors and manage the access level of each one: you can select precisely the menus and contents of the back office to which each will have access.

Create ultra-complete maps

Present your travel guide as rich maps and make your travelers' lives easier

Detailed points

Create an unlimited number of points that will be presented as a map to your users. Indicate the address of your point and enrich it with different formats at your disposal: texts, videos, photos, or even embed code. You can also insert a Directions button (Google Map or Apple Map) that will allow your travelers to easily find their way to your points of interest. Your app will also automatically show them the distance to your points of interest. A huge plus to help them organize their sightseeing days.

Customizable icons

For each point you can choose the icon and color that will represent it on your map. This is a great way to visually sort your points. For example, on a global map, you can imagine restaurants indicated in one color, and hotels in another. This will allow your travelers to see at a glance the types of points they are looking for. Another possible use: use the same icon for all your points and use a different icon to highlight your favorites, or your partners...

Points sorting

Your points can be displayed in a list and sorted according to several criteria: alphabetical order, number of comments, date of publication, but above all according to the distance from the user's position on your app. A very valuable feature for all travelers who will have access to your closest points of interest.

KML import

You can also directly import your points of interest via a KML file. You can import up to 1000 points per file, a real time saver. Thanks to KML files, you can also display lines and polygons on your map, if you want to highlight a particular road for example, or a larger area. Ideal for road trips, or hikes for example.

Everything you need to structure and organize your content

A travel guide is often quite dense, and you should be able to choose the architecture of your content to make it as pleasant to read as possible


For each content section (map, articles, videos, etc.) you can create as many categories as you want to organize your content. You can easily manage the display of each category and the membership of each item. Categories are ideal for displaying compartmentalized content in the same section. For example, a map can present categories of points of interest: hotels, restaurants, places to visit for example.

Section Menu

You can also create menus with multiple sections to organize your content. Menu sections allow you to add an extra level of navigation. With 10 templates and many options, they are also a great design asset. They will be the allies of all travel guides that cover many topics such as an international guide where you can imagine a Menu section by country for example.

A profitable travel guide

Establish your own strategy to monetize your valuable travel tips

A paid app

The advantage of an app is that it can be monetized on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Your content can be of real interest to travelers who will find it useful to use your guide during their trips. In your case, and if you communicate well on your added value, users of your app will easily be tempted to download it even if it costs them a few euros.

Build partnerships

As a travel writer, you are considered a reference by your readers. Whether it's your experience or your status as a local, travelers who read your guidebook respect your opinion and will tend to follow it. This is a great point to make with your future partners who will want to have their space in your guide. Whether it's by writing sponsored content or by selling them your advertising space, your app will allow you to generate income.


Make yourself known and attract attention with your app

Distribute your travel guide on the Web and on the Apple and Google stores


PWA: On the Web

When you create an app with GoodBarber, you have the possibility to activate the Progressive Web App version of your app. It behaves like a website and has a major advantage: it is referenced by Google and is therefore a real asset for your travel guide if you want to gain visibility and reach new travelers. Our PWAs benefit from the AMP technology which aims to facilitate and accelerate the loading of web pages on mobile phones. Beyond promising you unmatched performance on the Web, your PWA will be highlighted by Google in its AMP carousel at the top of the first pages of search results.

App Store and Google Play

The native Android and Apple versions of your app guarantee the best experience on mobile. Specially designed for iOS and Android, they give you access to powerful features that will allow you to create an unparalleled interaction with your readers. You will increase their loyalty with a fluid, pleasant and intuitive experience. The native versions of your app are the elements that will make your travel guide a must-have for all travelers.

And so much more...

QR code

Use an automatically generated QR code in your back office to promote your app. If you are the owner of an accommodation and your tourist guide is a support to deliver recommendations to your tenants, the QR code is the best way to give them quick access to your app before their trip by email, or upon their arrival directly in their accommodation.

Submit section

Encourage exchanges between you and travelers by providing them with a direct contact channel with you: the Submitsection. It will allow them to send you text, photos and videos directly from the app. It's the perfect tool to get feedback from travelers on the places you recommend.

Discount coupons

As a guide, you can give travelers tips but also provide them with your contacts to get perks or discounts. Once you've found your partners, you can create coupons and distribute them directly in your app, allowing travelers to use them. You will be able to control their use and use statistics that will give you valuable information on the performance of your partnerships.

External Ads networks

Sell advertising space in your tourist guide to your partners (restaurants, hotels, museums...). You can create your own ads, with the image of your partners and display them in the app. You will be able to manage your advertising strategies, the number of displays or clicks, the order of your different ads. This is a great way to negotiate your contracts with your partners.


Your travel guide is full of information. To save them the trouble of searching for relevant information, and to allow them to prepare their excursions, offer a Favorites section to your users. They will be able to add all the content they consider relevant and find it in one click when the time comes!


Activate the comments under your content and let your readers have their say. Their comments can not only give credit to your advice but also bring additional information to other readers and participate in the creation of a community around your tourist guide.

Why do guidebooks need an app?

Be close to the travelers

Choosing an app to distribute a travel guide is the best option to offer unparalleled ease to travelers. The app is on what they always have with them: their phones. They can consult it anywhere and at any time. In addition to being totally nomadic, the app can work without a network to allow travelers to consult it from the most remote places in the world! Today, more than 9 out of 10 travelers say they use apps to facilitate their stays.

Take advantage of powerful editing tools

Writing and publishing comprehensive and up-to-date content is the main challenge for any travel guide. By digitizing your guidebook with a GoodBarber app, you benefit from many advantages: instant publication and update of content, writing content in advance, easy proofreading, management of an editorial team. You save time and make the process of creating your content much more fluid.

Make your work profitable

Writing a travel guide takes time and passion. On top of listing the places to see, you have to test the businesses, build relationships with the retailers. It is this social aspect that you can capitalize on with an app by monetizing your partnerships. An app is also advertising space that you can sell to your partners. This monetization comes as a supplement to the possible purchase cost of your guide that you can set by making your app paid on the stores, as you would have charged the paper version of your guide.

They guide travelers with an app

Travel guides, travel bloggers, hotels, Airbnb owners, tourism offices

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Client's love

GoodBarber is a powerful app builder.

Melissa Okta

GoodBarber is a powerful app builder. If you want to build your app using a pre-built template, GoodBarber is ideal for you. At Global Academy, we almost completed the 5th year using their easy-to-use pre-built platforms to build premium Apps for our customers. Also, Goodbarber's customer support is excellent. Highly recommended.

Great support and always very helpful answers.

Great support and always very helpful answers. Nothing is too trivial for the team to answer.

Responsive support and usually quick.

Responsive support and usually quick. Software is by far the best in the market, with tremendous capabilities for configurations.

I really like the system.

Gene Hieber

I have been a resller member for a month now. I've built several demo apps. I really like the system. Easy to navigate and I have sold a couple progressive web apps and am working on native apps as well. I highly recommend Good Barber.

The team at GoodBarber has been incredibly informative and helpful

W. Monahan

The team at GoodBarber has been incredibly informative and helpful during both the creation and maintenance of my app. I am not super tech savvy, and they always provide me with solid guidance on how to fix my issue or improve my app. I shopped around for different options when looking to build my app, and I am happy that I chose this company.

They helped me to create a beautiful, successful app

Mary Davis

I have been with GoodBarber since 2014 and I can not say enough good things about them and my experience within with them. They helped me to create a beautiful, successful app; they have been there for me every step of the way to solve customer issues and help with updates; and they have an easy to use, infinitely customizable dashboard to create the app of your dreams - which is what I did. Thank you GoodBarber. You are the best

Great tool, it has all features you need to build your own app or website.

Manuel Ventura

Great tool, it has all features you need to build your own app or website.

GoodBarber is a wonderful platform.

Mini Maestro

GoodBarber is a wonderful platform. Their support staff are helpful and the interface is easy to navigate! Thank you for enabling us to give extra support to our customers with our customer app.

The Best App Builder on the Market


The Best App Builder on the Market, PWA at ease, and Native iOS assistance for the publishing issues. Very good support and constant updates. Many features and beautiful design layouts and a high level of customization. Recommended for individual Businesses or Agencies with a very good solution for the reseller program. And last but not least, friendly staff! It worth a try...

One of the best providers in the space.

K. Linton

One of the best providers in the space. Easy to use, well documented and excellent customer service. If you’re looking to create a mobile app solution for your company or clients GoodBarber is definitely the way to go.



How to create a Travel app

Gone are the days when you had to struggle to fold up your maps before putting them away! Today, the information you need to discover a country or a city can be found in your phone.


Block Island: a complete tourist guide, in an app

Gathering all the information needed to discover Block Island was the idea of Rob Lucier and his nephew Will Gasner.


How to display your own ads in your app ?

How to make money with my mobile app? We get this question every day


/monthBilled yearly


  • 1 progressive Web app for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
  • 1 Android Native App
  • 1 Native App for iPhone(universal iOS app)
  • 1 Native App for iPad(universal iOS app)
  • Domain name association
  • SSL security included
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 200 GB of storage
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Push notifications
  • In-App Purchase
  • Authentication
  • Advanced add-ons
  • SEO optimised
  • Available on Google Play
  • Available on App Store
/monthBilled yearly


  • 1 progressive Web app for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
  • 1 Android Native App
  • 1 Native App for iPhone(universal iOS app)
  • 1 Native App for iPad(universal iOS app)
  • Domain name association
  • SSL security included
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 500 GB of storage
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Push notifications
  • In-App Purchase
  • Authentication
  • Advanced add-ons
  • SEO optimised
  • Available on Google Play
  • Available on App Store
/monthBilled yearly


  • 1 progressive Web app for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
  • 1 Android Native App
  • 1 Native App for iPhone(universal iOS app)
  • 1 Native App for iPad(universal iOS app)
  • Domain name association
  • SSL security included
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 TB of storage
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Push notifications
  • In-App Purchase
  • Authentication
  • Advanced add-ons
  • SEO optimised
  • Available on Google Play
  • Available on App Store
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How to create a Travel app easily ?

GoodBarber Travel App Builder allows you to build a mobile app for Tourism in a very easy way. It can be a content app to share your best trip planners, travel books, videos through Social Media to promote your travel guide publishings, services or a Tourism office.

Who are Travel guide apps for ?

Tourism guide Apps are generally used by:
  • Tourism businesses (hotels, B&B, restaurants, Rental services)
  • Tourism guides
  • Tourism offices
  • Travel bloggers
  • Travel publishers

What are the solutions and advantages to build a travel app using GoodBarber App Builder ?

  • Provide travelers with the right information for the right place (geofence)
  • View points of interest on a map ("around me" geofencing, beacons features)
  • Enrich points of interest with media contents (pictures, galleries videos, sounds, maps)
  • Suggest a route to a point of interest (Google Maps, Apple Maps)
  • Real-time information updates
  • Provide with premium content to paying subscribers
  • Increase your visibility through SEO using a PWA
  • RSS feed to distribute content elsewhere than on the appv
  • Ultra-powerful CMS for real editorial activity: batch content management, publishing option, rights management and much more.
  • Connectors to synchronize external content
  • Automatic updates of external content
  • Editing and publishing instant content through the CMS
  • Geo-maps management
  • Trip planner features
  • Monetization strategies: internal advertising for partnerships, external advertising, In-app purchase
  • Highly customizable design
  • Content accessible offline
  • Content organization by category and/or geolocation
  • Favorites sections for your users
  • Submit section to gather users feedback via surveys

How much does it cost to make a Travel guide app?

You can start running your Travel app for free with our 30 day free trial. Then it is up to you to subscribe to the plan that best fits your needs: the basic plan to make your Travel app starts at $25/Month. Note that additional costs apply to publish iOS apps on the App Store.

How to monetize my Travel app?

There are many strategies out there to make money with an Travel App:
  1. Premium content: sell your best trip planner, journey pictures and videos, local best places and deals within subscription plans, using the In-App Purchase feature.
  2. Monetize your Travel app with Advertising features.
  3. We recommend 2 strategies:
    • Generic Large Audience: monetize your Travel app with third party advertising services: activate Third Party ADs Networks (Facebook, Google Admob, Ads Manager, Google AdSense) to display Ads and get paid
    • Qualified Small audience: activate GoodBarber Internal Ad Server: The internal ad server is the simplest way to promote your Travel mobile application and display tailored, customized splash screens and ad banners. You also will be able to select one or more platforms for distributing your campaigns: iOS and/or Android.
  4. Sell your Travel app on the Stores for a fee.

What skills are required to build a Tourist guide app?

Thanks to GoodBarber App builder, you don’t need any programming skills to create your Travel app. You can choose to create your own Travel guide app for Android, iOS or anTravel website with a PWA available for both Desktop and Mobile. That being said, you should pick a topic that satisfies the need for a group. You want to demonstrate passion, skill and experience for that subject.

How can I customize my app design and tourist guide User Experience (UX) ?

With over 200 layout options, an impressive theme collection and modular design, you can create a unique app reflecting your tourism app branding There are many options and levels of customization. You can choose different “Global Styles” to customize the app all in all or may just customize a given section. Our Travel app builder offers 9 templates for listing pages and 4 templates for content pages. You will be able to customize headers, fonts, background colors and navigation menus as well. Furthermore, you will be able to enrich your Travel guide experience using audio, vidéo, articles and live video streaming for your audience during courses and conferences.

Would my Travel app be available in all countries ?

Yes, it can be available in all countries. You will decide about Geo-distribution, selecting those countries where the app will be available in the app stores, before publication on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

Do you provide any Support and After-Sales Assistance for Travel app?

Yes, indeed! GoodBarber Support and Assistance program provides for:
  • Free support
  • Unlimited Number of support tickets
  • App Lifetime support
  • Support in 5 languages
  • 4 offices in 3 countries
  • 3 time zones support

Who is the Developer of my Travel guide app ?

You are required to purchase your own Developer account from Apple and Google. Therefore, you are the developer of your app. GoodBarber is simply the tool to create it.

Can I sell my Travel app to another developer?

Yes, you can sell your Travel app. To do this, you need to transfer the ownership of your app to the new owner, on each app store. In addition, you must transfer the ownership of the GoodBarber back-office to the new owner. To do this, you will need to contact the Goodbarber support team;
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