The Before and After of an App, the Reinvention of WWWhatsnew


Today we present the evolution of the app from WWWhatsnew. The case of a success app that reinvents itself everyday in order to continue to surprise its users in the mobile world. WWWhatsnew started with GoodBarber Salvador and since then, the app has only continued to improve. Juan Diego Polo, founder of WWWhatsnew explains their history to us ;)

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your project, WWWhatsnew?

My name is Juan Diego Polo . I am a Spanish engineer who has lived in Brazil since 2003. I created WWWhatsnew in 2005 as a blog where I would address issues related to the Internet in a basic and accessible way so everyone could understand it. 10 years later, it is now one of the biggest blogs about technology in our language, the result of 24 hours of daily work and a lot of invested passion.

What was the starting point for the project? Why did you decide to go to the world of mobile?

The first step was to create a responsive version of our website, but we also wanted to bet on having a mobile application in order to attract an audience that doesn’t navigate the web often, who prefer the possibility of checking the news without relying on a web browser.

What are your objectives for the new version of the app?

We want to increase the speed of access to news and to offer an aesthetic that is cleaner and more intuitive, things that we have, without a doubt, achieved.

Why did you choose GoodBarber?

It is easy to use and they offer excellent support. The opportunities for customization are endless and it allows for the publication of projects from a variety of categories.

Do you have any recommendations for our readers?

Do not underestimate the scope of the mobile world. In 50 years, few might remember what a web page is ;)