"Angolo del diabetico": how an app can help you!


3 million Italians are affected by diabetes. I would like to talk to you about an innovative and cutting edge app that has the goal of improving the lives of these people and helping them with daily management and prevention. I contacted the creator of this app to tell me more about this project...

Tell me about yourself and your project!

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects quality of life, as daily management is often difficult. Even the psychological impact of diabetes should not be overlooked—several studies show that people living with this disease may feel psychological distress due to related complications.
I can also say that for people affected by diabetes, knowing who to consult and where to find reliable information and advice outside of the medical world in order to feel less alone can be next to impossible.
The need to be heard and understood is the basis of Harmomium Pharma's Angolo del diabetico. We would like to improve the quality of life of these people by accompanying them, day after day, in the management and prevention of complications that can often be worse than the disease itself.

Why did you choose a mobile app for your project?

"Angolo del diabetico" wants to accompany diabetes sufferers each day in the management of the disease and its prevention. Putting ourselves into the hands of these people and accompanying them everywhere helps us to achieve our goal and to present our solutions, services and products. This application gives us the opportunity to stay in constant contact with the person at all times. And this is only the the beginning…
Future versions with additional features will allow the patient to “talk” with "Angolo del diabetico" and take advantage of some of the services offered today by participating pharmacies.

A health app is very interesting. What is the users' feedback?

We received two types of feedback : from those who already knew about the project, and from who discovered it thanks to the Angolo del diabetico app. The first group is thrilled to be able to stay informed about new products and promotions as well as take advantage of and contribute to product reviews. People who discovered the project from the app loved the system that leads them to the nearest "Angolo del diabetico" pharmacy… even on holidays! They were also big fans of the Facebook timeline always full of news and tips about diabetes management.

How has an app changed or improved your work?

The world is evolving at a faster rate than ever. We believe that technology has opened the door to new possibilities that decrease the levels of separation between the company and the patient. The tag line of Harmonium Pharma (the creator of the project) is " Human Values ​​in Business World", and with the help of this app we wanted to give this initiative A HUMAN FACE. Today, we can communicate in a new, less cold way, unlike the traditional printed paper. This app helped us to create the idea of the "Angolo del diabetico" community and allows us to keep in contact with our patients, as they wish. The goal of this initiative is to accompany people with diabetes everyday, and with an app we can achieve that. 

Why did you choose GoodBarber?

GoodBarber allowed us to focus on the idea behind the application, wasting no time in developing—all of this without compromising quality. The platform provides accompaniment in the development of an app with all the basic functions, integrating tools and source codes, all to obtain an attractive and professional product. The connectors have really facilitated the design of many features behind our app and also the technical support team has always been kind, quick, and helpful.

Any advice for our readers?

First of all, I’d like that they share this article with their friends and relatives so that they can download and test the app. 
In closing, I would like to recommend that you start to see technology as a way to communicate and become close to people, not only a marketing tool.