LunchBOX: waxing made glamorous with a Beautiful App


Hello GoodBarbers!

Today, we are showcasing an app which caught our eye in many ways. But, first, its really their icon which got us wondering what LunchBOX could be about. When we found out, we thought it was the perfect combination of fun and clever and felt we had to share it here.


Their motto says it all: « Welcome to LunchBOX (a waxing salon), a place where chic and cheeky co-exist ». If you think waxing was the opposite of glamorous, well think twice because LunchBOX is the kind of success story that will prove you wrong. And their Beautiful App is the perfect showcase of how you can elegantly put your brand out there.

Of course, the app’s purpose is primarily for booking purposes. And think how convenient that is. Surely a waxing appointment isn’t something you’re too comfortable making a call about, especially during the day when you’re at the office. With an app, it can be done the minute you think about it and with upmost discretion. Chic indeed.

As for cheeky? Well, let’s just say that LunchBOX has managed to make waxing not only glamorous but also not boring. The brand has a « let’s not beat around the bush » approach to the whole matter that’s quite amusing really and which probably explains the sense of community they’ve created around them. Surely, the quality of their service must account for that success, but we cannot help and think that their « cheeky » communication goes a long way too. 

They’ve also paid great attention to their visual communication all around. We’ve stated before how one of the big mobile 2015 trends was how images are considerably important in app design , a lesson LunchBOX has clearly put to good use with compelling pictures. Simplicity was our second recommandation, and needless to say that the LunchBOX app falls under that criteria. Last but not least, they rely on minimalist design with eye-catching colors which was one more crucial takeaway of our 2015 design trends review.

In the end, we like how LunchBOX shows how an app can be the perfect addition to your brand reputation. With a clear vision, a great product and of course, the GoodBarber app builder, app building suddenly seems effortless, doesn’t it?