Tom's Hardware Italia, an App for tech enthusiasts


Hello GoodBarbers,

Today I’m very happy to introduce to all of you a Beautiful App coming straight from Italy: Tom’s Hardware Italia. A mobile application every ‘technology addict’ should have in their smartphone.

Check out our interview below with Bruno Gulotta, Sales & Marketing Manager of Tom’s Hardware Italy , who explained to us how the project came to be.

What is Tom's Hardware?

Tom's Hardware was founded in 2003 as a site providing technological information. Tom's Hardware has since become a reference site for all technology enthusiasts.

Why did you make the choice to be present on mobile?

Because since 2013 about 30 % of Tom's Hardware users read our updates from their smartphone or tablet. And although the site is responsive, the user experience provided by a native app provides the user with a smoother and faster access to the content they are looking for.

We were looking for a Do It Yourself  service enabling us to create both Android and iOS apps. After searching the internet we discovered GoodBarber which met our needs perfectly. We contacted the customer service immediately to get more information. Starting a project was very easy!

Why did you choose GoodBarber?

Among the many websites offering a similar service, GoodBarber definitely stands out. It's easy to use and offers a variety of features and themes. You can customize the app very quickly and touch up most of the elements that make up the app. The technical support is very efficient and always tries to accommodate your needs or solve problems.

Which feature of our platform did you especially like?

The ability to edit the variables behind the theme is definitely an interesting feature for developers who want to customize more in depth their application. Also, the statistics panel, which provides a full overview of visits, users who have downloaded the app, and more.

Did you get positive feedback from creating your app?

Definitely, our users needed a quick access to the information we publish every day and now they have one. Subscribers increase day after day, and many have written to us, complimenting on the app.