New Version of WebAdictos by GoodBarber


Today Daniel Medina , founder of Webadictos, tells us the story behind his app and its new look.
Two years ago we launched the app, WebAdictos, for iOS and Android  using the GoodBarber platform. Now, two years later, we are announcing an update thanks to a direct collaboration with the team at GoodBarber. They have helped us with everything relating to the technical and design-based aspects of the newest version.
The new version of the app, WebAdictos, is now compatible with smartphones and tablets in iOS and Android. 

At first, this update focused mostly on visual details to have it closely resemble the version we currently have on our web site, in addition to solving a few technical details.

However, this is only the beginning of our plans for the application because the idea is to gradually implement new features that GoodBarber has developed, like the "Community" and "User Groups " features, which are something like a social network and allow the users of WebAdictos to interact with each other,  see where the other users are from and this is among other things, quite interesting.

Although it was implemented in its first release, one of the features in the app worth mentioning is the section "I'm WebAdicto," where the users of WebAdictos can send photos, videos, or text so that they can recommend things to publish or simply interact with us.