ForTwo, an App that finds activities, tailored for two


Last week we introduced ForTwo  as one of our Top 5 Beautiful Apps of 2015. It's also a clever app, one that allows you to find the right plan for your mood of the day, for two, in your city.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Samuel Acera, CEO and co-founder of ForTwo. He explained to us the concept behind his app.

Why did you decide to create ForTwo?

When considering what to do with your partner or with a date, you are faced with many options. In fact, the choice is almost endless. But in this area, you want to stay clear of bad choices!

If you are searching for options and want to look creative, ForTwo is like the ideal friend, the one who knows everything and will help you plan your perfect moment, whether it be booking a great activity for your partner's birthday or picking the perfect place to drink a glass of wine... Making you come across as someone who knows every corner of their city.

Think of Valentine's Day for instance, whether you like it or not, you have to do something. That's when we come to the rescue, with a charming restaurant idea.

We wanted an app that was interesting and useful, for both people living in the city and tourists.

When and why did you decide to go mobile?

From the beginning, the project we had in mind was an application. The web came later. We started with the city of Granada, to test the idea. Having the solution in your pocket, with maps, is much more useful, especially when you're on the go.

Many people search a location minutes before arriving. They look for the place in the bus, in the metro... We have to adapt to people. And the best solution is mobile.

Besides, when you're bored, and looking for something to do, what do you look at? Your phone!

Your mood menu is very original. How did you come up with the idea?

Thanks! We don't take ourselves too seriously I guess, and we like to play with words. The idea is that our menus or sections have a twist, just like our suggestions. We want to convey a sense of originality and creativity to the platform.

What makes you better or different from other services when visiting Granada or Barcelona?

Our application provides a singular approach to the city, from the point of view of two people, you and your partner. We try to anticipate your needs.

Our customer service is here to help you achieve the best city experience, a customized one. For example, you can have dinner somewhere, then go have a drink somewhere else, more quiet, with a gorgeous view. We also offer exclusive deals, with our providers.

Any advice for those planning to create an app for their business?

Try to be simple and to the point. People appreciate clear interfaces.

Why did you chose GoodBarber and how did you find our app builder?

We were looking for a way to offer our content with geolocation, with a cost-effective solution. After the free trial period, of a month, we decided to go with GoodBarber. Now, with the upcoming release of GoodBarber Open Product, we hope to launch more features, created specifically for us.