GoodBarber apps for local businesses


GoodBarber apps for local businesses

In the heart of the city, amidst the bustling streets and tucked-away spots, you'll find the treasures of local trade: neighborhood stores. Though small, these businesses are essential, offering everyday essentials and fostering a feeling of community and comfort. From corner grocery stores to reliable produce markets and shops selling local and fresh produce, these are the places where tradition meets convenience.
However, in an ever-changing society, where retail giants dominate the market, and consumer habits constantly evolve, neighborhood stores face new challenges to meet shopping needs and remain competitive. With the needs of neighborhood stores in mind, GoodBarber has developed a set of targeted features to help local businesses thrive and adapt to new market dynamics.

Tailored innovation for local businesses

Above all, it's crucial to tap into an expanding customer base in an era where the convenience of large chains and online shopping holds strong appeal. By utilizing an app-building platform like GoodBarber, local stores can easily, independently, and intuitively create a personalized app for their business. This app can be made available on the web as well as on the Google Play and App Store distribution platforms. Just like larger retailers, small businesses can provide a convenient and customized shopping experience directly on their customers' smartphones.
But that's not all. With advanced marketing and promotion tools, merchants can attract and engage customers with special offers, exclusive discounts, and loyalty programs, creating a lasting and meaningful bond with their customers. Let's discover together some of the features most valued by neighborhood stores:
  • Clear and always up-to-date catalog: You can organize your catalog by product categories, display discounted prices, and manage your stock directly from the integrated menu in your application.
  • Sales optimization tools: The aim is to simplify purchasing with features and options. To mention some, Quick Buy lets customers buy directly from a list of products, Buy Again enables them to renew an existing order in one click, and Fast Checkout streamlines the data entry process when choosing the delivery method.
  • Marketing strategies and notifications: Send push notifications to inform users about new products or special offers, create discount codes , and encourage customers to make new purchases with your loyalty program .
  • Delivery options: You can manage time slots for in-store pickup of purchases or for home deliveries .
  • Secure transactions: It is crucial to offer various payment methods, such as credit card , PayPal , Klarna , offline payment at delivery, and many others.
  • Customer support: You can activate the extension to offer a customer support chat service or rely on the power of Artificial Intelligence with the ChatGPT extension , which allows you to integrate a virtual assistant into your application.
  • Information and contacts: Provide a quick overview of your stores with opening hours and useful contacts.
You can also manage all orders directly on your smartphone with the My GoodBarber Shop Companion app . You won't need to connect to the back office every time!
GoodBarber is a valuable ally for neighborhood stores, providing them with the tools they need to compete in the digital marketplace and keep the tradition of local commerce alive. 

And here are some applications of local businesses made on GoodBarber and selected for you:
Discover La Belle Cueillette on the Web or download the app from the App Store and Google Play .
Discover Acqua Monaco on the Web or download the app from the App Store and Google Play .
Discover Comida de Pueblo on the Web  or download the app from the App Store .