Add a chat to your app to talk with your customers
Built by GoodBarber
This feature is developed and maintained by the GoodBarber team
|For Content and eCommerce apps|Free

A free chat solution

Ideal for support, answer your customers' questions by chat

With the tawk.to integration for GoodBarber, you add a chat system to your app to answer your customers' questions.

tawk.to allows you to instantly answer questions your customers may have before purchasing your product or service.

tawk.to offers many advantages:

  • A free and simple tool to communicate with your customers
  • Real-time processing of questions
  • Creation of a knowledge base

How to install Tawk.to?

The integration of Tawk.to can be done in a few steps:

  • 1
    Log in or register at Tawk.to
  • 2
    Create a property by entering the name and link of your app
  • 3
    Go to Add-ons > Chat widget > Add widget
  • 4
    Enter the name, select "embed" and select "implement".
  • 5
    Copy the link to the clipboard
  • 6
    In your app's back office, click on "Add a section" in the section list panel on the right, and select Tawk.to
  • 7
    Paste the widget code into the Tawk.to section

The Tawk.to extension is now integrated to your app!