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Loyalty program

Reward your customers and increase your sales
 For eCommerce apps|$10/month|Fees for the Standard and Premium offers. Free with the Pro offer

The advantages of the loyalty program

for eCommerce apps

With the loyalty program for your eCommerce app, you will further develop your business.
This program incentivizes customers to place orders in your app. They know that with every purchase they make on your app, they are one step closer to getting a reward. Customers appreciate being rewarded for their loyalty, which can improve their satisfaction with your business. This can encourage them to recommend your eCommerce app to others, helping to acquire new customers. The loyalty program also encourages customers to buy more and more frequently. This helps to increase your sales and business revenues. Finally, your loyalty program can provide you with valuable information about your customers' buying habits and preferences. You can use this data to personalize your marketing and offers, improve your targeting and customer segmentation.

  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales
  • Better know your customers

A clear loyalty program

Accumulation of points with each purchase

A simple and effective program

The loyalty program that you will offer to your customers with this extension is simple and effective.
For each purchase made in your app, your customer will accumulate points. This accumulation of points is done automatically. No specific action is required from your customer. Once the number of points reaches a threshold that you have defined, your customer receives a reward. You are the one who determines the correspondence between the amount spent in your app and the number of points obtained.

100% customizable

You can also set a validity period for the use of points.
For example, you can decide that you have to get 5000 points to be rewarded and that for every euro spent, 10 points are obtained. This means that in order to get a reward, you have to spend at least 500 euros in your store.
You also have the possibility to offer points to a customer. This action is manual and is done from the backoffice.

An effective reward

Discount coupon

Integrated promotional tools

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