Barbichette: A Beautiful App for Men


When you look at Barbichette you can’t help but think that our paths were meant to cross at some point, right? We not only share a passion for moustache with this French Fashion, Lifestyle and Tech blog for Men, but also a passion for attention to detail and design. The Barbichette team shares the adventure of creating their first mobile app with us!

What was the starting point for the Barbichette adventure? came from a desire to share our passion for fashion, lifestyle and high-tech with others. We were also all web enthusiasts, passionate about photography and writing. We already had the habit of being on the lookout for the latest trends in everything dedicated to men, so sharing what we enjoy searching for and discovering, with an audience, came naturally. The rise of social networks also adds a pleasant social dimension, allowing us to interact with our readers on a variety of subjects related to our field.

When and why did you decide to go mobile?

With our development dynamic, we just couldn’t ignore mobile. Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, to the point where one can wonder whether to create a mobile application or an online blog first. Mobile has outdone desktop with our readers aged 18 to 35 years old. Even if the responsive version of our website adapts to most devices (Apple, Android, Windows) the development of an application makes for a more intuitive and pleasurable navigation experience, with the freedom to read our app at work, in the subway or in your couch. 

What's your advice when it comes to building an app?

Our main goal was to find an online editor in tune with our needs. We wanted to produce an app in keeping with our image, we pay a lot of attention to detail, and we’d rather stick with our Responsive version that comprise this. As for advice, patience is key. We payed attention to every font and color, to match with our graphic style. We developed a lot of early versions before being satisfied enough to submit the final version.

What are the key features to turn a blog into a mobile app?

The app must not alter the blog too much. In terms of user experience, fluidity, intuitiveness and ease of reading remain the priority. From the choice of categories to the layout of articles, we strived to keep the minimalistic approach of the blog, without adding advertising space. As for content, we wanted to keep the social dynamic by enabling social media sharing, the possibility to add comments and to interact with our team.

Finally, what made you decide on GoodBarber, aside from the moustache we have in common?

To be honest, we were looking for an actual "good barber" when we stumbled upon your app building solution. Joking aside, we had read many articles on services similar to GoodBarber. What got us on board was the compatibility with our CMS, we were also attracted by the possibility to develop our application through and through, with a clear platform nonetheless. Even if it remains an adventure, your interface makes app development a piece of cake by providing a large choice of templates, layout and customization options for every detail. We also appreciated our e mail exchanges with your attentive team and your very detailed online help. Once the application is compiled, the tough part remains the submission to the App Store and Google Play. An obstacle we aren’t afraid to overcome anymore thanks to the clear tutorial provided by Goodbarber.

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