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101Racing, the Professional Tuning App


Today we're meeting Enrique J.Hernández , the founder and CEO of 101Racing, and creator of a GoodBarber app for tuning lovers and professionals.

Who are you and what is 101Racing?

My name is Enrique J.Hernández Nuez , and I'm the founder and CEO of 101Racing. 101Racing is one of the companies in our group, Investment Business and Drago, which was created 10 years ago in Gran Canaria. We are dedicated exclusively to the tuning and customizing of vehicles. Our major achievement has been to professionalize tuning, which had been usually considered as being less important than so-called "major" issues like mechanical our pneumatic problem... tuning was underrated. We created a unique company dedicated to tuning, a benchmark in Spain and always on the forefront of the industry. As our slogan says, we are true "Tuning Professionals".

What was your main goal in creating this app?

At 101Racing, we are passionate about technology, which is why it has been so important to us since the beginning. Our business has evolved hand in hand with the evolution of the web. We began with our own corporate website, followed by our own online shop, and we now have our own blog and use Facebook and Twitter - but this is no longer enough. We want to be as close to our users as possible, and of course today the best way to do this is to have our smartphone apps to provide our clients with a quality service.

Has the creation of your app increased your readers loyalty?

The answer is a resounding YES. Our customers now no longer just have 24-hour access to our content on the computer, our content is now available to them 24/7 at their fingertips. They can see our products, news and of course exclusive content with news, tips and tricks... with the app, our content is perfectly organized and available anytime. The app generates customers by having a large base of users. Another feature that helps drive client loyalty is the option to use push messages, which we use to send weekly news and tips. I would also like to highlight our YOUR CAR section, for which we are getting very good feedback from our users who use the app to send us their tuning and racing projects to share with our entire community. 

Why did you choose GoodBarber and what is your favorite feature?

The main feature, which is in line with everything we do at 101Racing, is the app's professional finish. GoodBarber has a lot of options that lets us tailor the app to fit perfectly with our company, not only in terms of content, but also to transmit our corporate image, our values and our goals. A GoodBarber app can be fully integrated into a business as a true cog in the machinery. While my programming skills are limited, I have a very broad and deep knowledge that I want to share with our customers, and GoodBarber is the perfect link to bridge that gap!

Do you have some advice for our readers?

Yes, of course!
First of all, I would like to thank GoodBarber's staff for their personal attention, professionalism and patience, and invite all entrepreneurs like myself to use this flexible platform. And, last but not least, please download our app for Android and iPhone ;-)

Thank you GoodBarber!