A new RSS feed extension: the RSS Podcast feed


With this latest extension, you can extend the reach of your audio content by making it available on external platforms. 

With this option, distributing your podcasts on external platforms and sites becomes child's play, enabling you to reach a wider audience.
Your content feed is generated and updated automatically, so all you have to do is choose the distribution platforms and insert the link in your GoodBarber back office. By generating content feeds for different sections of your GoodBarber application, you can easily distribute your content to the external platforms of your choice, not only considerably increasing its visibility, but also simplifying the management of multi-site publications.  RSS feeds offer exciting new ways of distributing your podcasts!


Everything is done to make your life easier: feed generation is just a click away, and insertion on external platforms is just as easy. You save time every step of the way.  Your podcast episodes are published instantly on all platforms, guaranteeing rapid and effective distribution of your content. 
Autonomy is the key here. Feeds are automatically generated and updated, eliminating the need for constant maintenance. So you can concentrate on content creation, safe in the knowledge that distribution is managed seamlessly. 

This smart strategy helps to increase your visibility and attract a wide audience.
To install this extension, go to your application's back office and search for the "Flux RSS Podcast" extension in the Extension Store. Simply click on "Install", and a new menu entitled "My RSS Feeds" will appear. In this menu, you can manage all the feeds generated for your podcast series and individual episodes. You can choose to broadcast your entire collection or specifically select the episodes to be included in the Podcast RSS feed.

Now you're ready to integrate your RSS Podcast feed on your external platforms!