App Store Connect Holiday: Dec 23 – 27


Each year, Apple suspends app reviews during the Christmas week. This year App Store Connect will not be accepting any submission from December 23 to 27 (Pacific Time).

Here are the different scenarios and see the impact of this announcement on your iOS submission.

1/ The submission process of your iOS app is managed by GoodBarber

Whether it’s the first submission of your app or the submission of a new version on the store:

- iOS apps submission requests sent to our team before Tuesday, December 22 will be taken care of normally

- iOS apps submission requests sent to our team after Tuesday, December 22 will be taken care of on December 28.

Note: Submissions will be taken care of in their order of arrival. Depending on the total number of requests, our responses back might be slightly longer than usual.

This applies to apps distributed to the general public on the App Store, and to Custom Apps distributed via Apple Business Manager.

2/ You are dealing with the update your iOS app yourself (Solo)

- You can compile the new version of your app and download the .ipa file from your back office at any time.

However, you will only be able to submit it to Apple before December 23 and after December 27.

Note: Part of your back office will be locked until you finally publish your update on the store.

3/ Your iOS app is distributed internally outside of the App Store via an Enterprise account

Business as usual for you!

Whether you take care of the process yourself, or let GoodBarber do it for you, the App Store Connect announcement has no impact.

4/ Other operations of the iOS submission process

Certificate updates, Reviews, adding a new test device for your ad hoc version…

@GoodBarber: All the other operations usually managed by the GB review or GB submission teams will continue normally during the holidays.

@App Store Connect: Other App Store Connect and Apple Developer Account features will remain available during the holidays.

Make sure your apps are up to date and ready before the holiday! ;)