App Store Connect remains open during the holiday season


Good news!

Once again, Apple won’t be closing down the App Store to developer submissions over the holidays, as it has in previous years. 

"The busiest season on the App Store is almost here! Make sure your apps and product pages are up to date and ready in advance of the upcoming holidays. We’re pleased to remain open throughout the season again this year and look forward to accepting your submissions. On average, 90% of submissions are reviewed in less than 24 hours. However, reviews may take a bit longer to complete from December 23 to 27." 

This will be the second year Apple has kept the App Store Connect platform open through the holiday season. For example, last year, App Store Connect was closed from December 23rd to December 27th. 

This is great news for developers who can keep submitting new apps or updates. 
However, Apple does warn that during this busy time, reviews might take longer. 

For your GoodBarber iOS app, we do recommend having your app ready for submission before December 23rd to avoid any delays in your publication. 

This applies to apps distributed to the general public on the App Store, and to Custom Apps distributed via Apple Business Manager.

If your iOS app is distributed internally outside of the App Store via an Enterprise account, this has no impact on you