Apple Vision Pro: A new horizon for your apps


We've recently added Apple's long-awaited Vision Pro headset to our arsenal. Our goal? To test and explore the potential of this new platform for applications created with GoodBarber.

We're very excited about the first set of tests we've just completed. Applications built with GoodBarber are running remarkably well on Vision Pro.
Our strong commitment to native technologies is not insignificant. It ensures that applications created with GoodBarber are perfectly compatible with Apple's latest advances, including Vision Pro, without any extra effort on your part.

This loyalty to native technologies, and Swift in particular, is not just a matter of technological choice, but a commitment to excellence and innovation. As a result, GoodBarber applications are naturally ready to run on Apple's Vision Pro, offering users an immersive, cutting-edge experience where others may face compatibility challenges.

To give you a tangible glimpse of this breakthrough, we've prepared a short demonstration video. You'll see GoodBarber applications come to life in the immersive environment of Vision Pro, providing an unprecedented user experience.

This achievement is not only a testament to the flexibility and robustness of our platform, but also reflects our passion for enabling you to create the best applications. By anticipating trends and embracing innovation, GoodBarber is at the forefront of app development, ready to explore new horizons.