Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1012


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update :


- The search engine has been added to Sound/Podcasts sections
- It is now possible to select the types of medias to be sent (text, pictures, videos) in the Submit section (Settings API)
- We added a confirmation alert (success / fail) at the end of the upload in the Submit section
- There is now a progress bar while sending a picture in the Submit section
- Users can now choose the picture size when they one the Submit section
- Bug fix: If all the social services are disabled, the authentication view is not displayed anymore in Submit sections
- Bug fix: The focus on the search bar is now disabled everytime the app enters the background
- Bug fix: The Live Radio sections title is now centered in the screen


- When live radio is paused, hitting play will resume the live
- Now Jelly Bean loads .kml files in plugins sections
- Bug fix: displaying correctly long texts correctly in the tab bar
- Bug fix: starting hour is removed for all day events (Agenda)
- Bug fix: displaying date for on going event (Agenda)


- You will now receive an e-mail when a user posts a content from the Submit section of your app
- You can add a custom source in the Video, Photo, Agenda sections.
- You can set custom filters in the Twitter, Instagram, WMArticle, WordPress, TypePad, 500px, Flickr, WMPhoto, WMVideo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, BlipTV, WMPodcast, SoundCloud sections.
- You can set a search engine in the WMVideo, YouTube, Dailymotion, WMPodcast, TypePad sections.
- New source avaliable in the Agenda section : VCalendar
- Advanced settings in the Custom source : you can set the Search feed and the Subsection feeds.
- JSON API : In the navBar, you can completely remove background color and texture on the buttons.
Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes :)