Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1069


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update :


-Flat design: We give you more possibility about the personnalization of your app! You can now choose in few propositions of the back button in the navBar (arrow, triangle,...)
-Flat design: You can also change the button swipe 
-Flat design: Now you can apply a color or a texture on the selected cellule in the tabBar
-Flat design: You can integrate separators in the tabBar


-Bug fixed: The app doesn't crash anymore when you're going back to Template 4 (SlideShow)
-Bug fixed: Refresh on SlideShow Template
-Added: Release To Load More to see older articles
-Added: Internal Ad Network is now available on the menu monetization


A lot of new informations are coming next week! 
For today you'll be fine ;)
Don't forget to re-build your app to apply these changes :)