Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1103


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update:


- AdMob SDK update (6.4.2)
- Bug fix: Graphical adjustment in TabBars
- Bug fix: Crash fix on AdMob activation
- Bug fix: Submitted pictures in Submit sections are no longer stretched et keep their orientation
- Bug fix: TabBar icons selected backgrounds are now aligned on top
- Bug fix: Margins are no longer supported in template 4 of Article & Video sections
- Increase the size of back buttons icons in a "Flat Design" case (Settings API only)


- You can now set up the search engine in your app!
- Admob is now available in the external monetization services
- Swelen is now available in the external monetization services
- Bug fix: the splashscreen is now displayed correctly at launch when there is an interstitial ad set up
- Bug fix: le loading time of the Photos sections, Template 3 as been optimized


- New page for developers : API console
- New page : Settings API (4€/month)
Don't forget to rebuild your app to apply these changes :)