Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1179


In this Tuesday update, we are still setting the stage for the launch of future big new features. I recommend to re-build your app only if you had some bugs. Otherwise, it's not necessary.


- New navigation mode: Grid (Beta)
- New navigation mode: Slate (Beta)
- New navigation mode: Typo (Beta)
- New navigation mode: Large Typo (Beta)
- More than one point can be displayed in the map section
- In the photo section, when you display a photo, you can save it to the clipboard or download it on your phone
- Hyperlinks are clickable in event descriptions
- Bug fix: "Load more" is now working in the article section - template 6
- Bug fix: no more crash when you enter an empty favorite section


- New: Live+ section (Beta)
- Bug fix: no more crash when some spcial caracters are used in articles
- Bug fix: in the event section, for Google Calendar sources