Beautiful Apps Engine: Update #1322


Here is the changelog for this Tuesday update.


- Add search bar in Photos section for templates 1 and 2
- Pending comments management
- Graphic improvements in LittleSwipe navigation mode
- CSS improvements in Article section detail
- You can now use "minimalist" mode in Photo section detail (NavBar and description hidden)
- Bug fix: Visual bug fix in template 1 of Photo section


- New detail template for articles and videos : ToolbarSlide (Beta)
- Clicking on notification redirect user on detail content, url, or section (Beta)
- Bug fixed: app can manage more than one Plugin section
- Bug fixed: article detail is now reachable for apps with long contents
- Bug fixed: template list #4 can now display only one or two articles
- Display fixed on LittleSwipe (Beta)
Don't forget to rebuild your app to apply these changes :)